Entrance Awards at Capilano University: Your Guide to Free Money

By Capilano University Modified on February 04, 2021
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Fill your pockets (or at least the hole in your budget) with a generous CapU scholarship.

Fill your pockets (or at least the hole in your budget) with a generous CapU scholarship.

You've worked hard to get into university. You're ready to study and work towards your passion. Sure, you'd like to take advantage of everything university has to offer, but financial constraints limit the time you have for extracurricular activities, research, networking, or just studying hard.

At CapU, our Financial Aid and Awards Department offers entrance awards to relieve some financial stress so you can thrive while working on your degree.

Awards at CapU mean free money — and applying is easy. One application through your myCapU account puts you in the running for most entrance awards.

Step-by-step guide to scholarship applications

For lots of detail, check out this step-by-step guide HERE (pdf) that details how to apply for awards and includes an explanation of any supporting documentation you may need.

The short version is this, though:

  • Step 1: Apply to CapU. It's easy!
  • Step 2: Apply for entrance awards by the deadline
  • Step 3: Submit supporting documents

Pro tip: This same basic process is applicable to many schools, not just CapU.

March 1, 2021 is the deadline for incoming students to apply for entrance awards. The money from these awards can give you the freedom to craft the university experience you want at CapU.

It's worth your time to apply. Many awards go unclaimed each year. Last year, CapU gave over $2 million to support our new and returning students. A CapU Entrance Award could give you the flexibility to focus more on your university experience and less on financing it.

Want to learn more about CapU entrance awards? Contact finaid@capilanou.ca and their team will be happy to answer any questions!

Check out the step-by-step CapU awards guide pdf

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