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By RBC Modified on February 16, 2021
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From high school to post-grad, RBC Upskill can help you reach your career goals.

From high school to post-grad, RBC Upskill can help you reach your goals.

It can feel like a daunting experience to start thinking about your career path, but taking the first steps can be rewarding in the short-term and the long-term. Whether you're in high school, working on your diploma or degree, or a recent graduate headed into the world of work, taking time to think about your experiences, interests, and skills — and where they can take you in the future — will be incredibly valuable. To turn this daunting experience into an exciting one, RBC Future Launch partnered with FutureFit AI to create RBC Upskill, which acts as your very own virtual career assistant.

Explore your career options

RBC Upskill is a free, highly personalized career exploration tool that takes stock of your skills, education, interests, and volunteer and work experiences to identify potential career pathways that you may be best suited for.

You will be matched with potential career paths based on your profile and get a read on the industry's projected growth over the next few years, including the average Canadian salary. Once RBC Upskill has identified potential career options for you based on your interests, skills and experience, if will provide a roadmap to help guide you towards your goal.

Plus, you can search for jobs and companies that fit your goals and preferences — all in one place!

Skills are your passport to your future

RBC Upskill's skills assessment helps you understand your core, job-ready competencies in everything from mathematics to writing, troubleshooting to time management, so you can see exactly where your skills are strong, and identify any gaps you may want to address. Based on your results, you'll receive more details on industry health and expectations for jobs related to those skills.

Tools to take your research further

You'll also find helpful resources on resumé prep, job searching, growing your network, and more. Even if you have a strong idea of your career pathway, these tools can help get you there. See what's possible for your future with a little help from RBC Upskill.

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