5 Scholarships at George Brown You Need to Know About

By George Brown College Modified on January 26, 2021
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A short sample of the many awards available to students at George Brown College.

A short sample of the many awards available to students at George Brown College.

George Brown College, in downtown Toronto, Ontario, has a strong scholarship program for supporting students. There are awards for athletes, specific departments like computer science and graphic design, international students, and more! To check out the full list of scholarships available to George Brown students, check out our website.

Here, we'll take a quick look at some of the awards open to Canadian students, no matter your program of study at GBC.

First Generation Bursary

The First Generation Bursary allocates funds provided by the Ontario Government to students who are part of the first generation in their family to attend post-secondary. So if your parents didn't go to college, but you're heading to George Brown, and you need a little help paying for school, you can apply for this bursary — no matter whether you're in first year or you're just about to graduate!

George Brown College Entrance Bursary

For those entering George Brown for the first time, there's the Entrance Bursary. These bursaries are made possible by generous donors, and are meant for students in financial need just getting started with college. No matter what your program is, you can apply in your first year, so long as you have a funding gap to fill.

Indigenous Student Bursary

In an effort to support more Indigenous students at George Brown College, this bursary is open to Indigenous students at any level who are in financial need. So whether you're just starting out at school, or you're about to finish your diploma, if you self-identify as Indigenous, and could use some extra cash for tuition, books, and other essentials, take a look at this bursary.

Maurice Conway Scholarship

This award is generously provided by Hope for Children, in an effort to support students who have overcome obstacles to success in their studies. If you've triumphed over adversity, and you're actively involved in your community — be it at school or at home — and you need a little extra cash for school, you could be eligible for a Maurice Conway Scholarship.

Positive Space Scholarship

The Positive Space Scholarship is funded by generous donors to honour a student who recognizes and celebrates sexual and gender diversity. If you're working to build a community free of discrimination and gender- or sexual-based harassment, you're the ideal candidate for the Positive Space Scholarship! Making George Brown an inclusive and welcoming place is important!

COVID-19 Relief Fund

This award, which helps students who have faced unexpected difficulties thanks to the global pandemic, closes on January 31, and unlike most awards on our list, it's open to international students as well as domestic.

To get financial help from the COVID-19 Relief Fund as a George Brown College student, email the team at COVID19Fund@georgebrown.ca.

This is just a sample of the many awards available to George Brown College students. International students should check out the international awards page for more info. Canadian students can see the whole range of available awards here. To learn more about the application process for the awards above, email the awards team.

Thanks for reading! Don't forget to check out all the available awards at George Brown College!

Get the full list of awards at GBC

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