5 Perks of Online Learning

By Tyndale University Modified on November 10, 2020

There's plenty to like about studying online for your first year!

There's plenty to like about studying online for your first year!

Your first year may not be what you expected. Movies, shows and personal stories from those who have gone before may have provided a glimpse of what being a frosh would look like... and so far, this isn't it. But instead of focusing on the negative aspects of pandemic learning, here are five reasons learning online is pretty awesome!

1. Everyone gets front-row seats

Although you may enjoy the anonymity of being one of hundreds in an auditorium, nobody wants to feel as though they don't matter. Online learning gives you a front-row seat to your class lectures. You have the opportunity to see your professor's face and don't have to crane your neck to see over someone's crazy hat. Everyone has equal access, and that's pretty great. Plus, with smaller class sizes at Tyndale, you can enjoy an even more intimate learning experience as you get to know your classmates.

2. Enjoy your eco-friendly commute

Getting to school on time should be a bit easier now that you can start class with the click of a button. Not only will you save money on gas or bus passes, but you can also take comfort in knowing that you are helping the planet by reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Develop skills for your future job

Online learning will help you master tech tools that will be useful for your future career. Regularly accessing video conference tools, virtual classrooms, chat groups, and messaging apps will ensure that you don't get left behind with regard to new technology. You'll also learn valuable time management skills as you motivate yourself to stick to a timetable. With no one breathing down your neck to show up to class, you'll take charge of your own learning — a vital lesson in assertiveness and self-discipline.

4. Learn at your own pace

Did you miss something your prof said? You can watch the lecture again, later, at 3 a.m. if you want to. Accessing online material happens at your own pace at a time you choose. It provides flexibility, especially to people with job and family constraints. You no longer have to scramble frantically for another pen when the one you are using suddenly dries up. Just pause the video, or review it later to catch up on what you missed.

5. Bask in being a private hero

You may not be thanked as healthcare heroes or grocery workers on the frontlines, but know that you are your own kind of hero by potentially protecting someone's loved one from infection by learning from home.

The pandemic won't last forever. Make the most of this period by connecting with others and investing in your education so that you can come out stronger and more compassionate than ever before. Explore the wide range of online options at Tyndale University today at www.tyndale.ca.

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