Redeemer Reduces Tuition by 42% For You!

By Redeemer University Modified on February 12, 2020
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By cutting tuition, Redeemer has put a Christian university education within reach for Canadians.

Students study happily and stress-free thanks to the reduced tuition and student aid offered by Redeemer University.

What difference does a tuition drop make for students like you? Reduced student debt, lessened financial pressure, better concentration while in school, and most importantly, the opportunity for a quality university education that prepares you to pursue your future calling and career!

Why such generosity?

Last year, thanks to our generous donors, tuition at Redeemer University was reduced by 42% for Canadian undergraduates, lowering it to $9,800 in the hope that finances will no longer be a barrier for students wishing to apply. "The cost of higher education has been rising faster than the rate of inflation and faster than family incomes. Students are taking on significant debt as a result," said Redeemer president Dr. Robert J. Graham. "Affordability is a key concern for Redeemer, for its students and for their families."

An academically-rigorous and Christ-centred university education that allows students to find where their faith and career intersect is now a financially viable option. Take a moment to read more about our tuition rates and student fees.

Reduce your costs further with financial aid

Applying for financial aid can further reduce your total cost, making Redeemer even more affordable! The deadline to apply for financial aid at Redeemer is February 29! Submit your application soon, as this gives you access to your student portal and the financial aid application.

If you haven't been to Redeemer's campus yet, sign up for a visit day! The best way to decide if Redeemer is the right fit for you is to experience what it's like to be a student for a day. We'd love to meet you!

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