Teachers' Strike, School's Closed, Woohoo! So... What's Next?

By Logan Bright Modified on February 21, 2020

You've got an extra day of leisure. How will you spend it?

A student with a sudden day off leaps joyfully into a lake.

Today many Ontario teachers are walking off the job in an effort to deter funding cuts from the provincial government. Schools across Ontario will be closed, which is probably what you really care about! But what will you do with your sudden free time?

Catch up on rest and relaxation

This is number one for a reason, but it can be harder to do than you might think! Real rest means giving your mind and body a chance to recuperate, so slow down and recharge. Give yourself some extra time to sleep, and don't jump on your phone first thing when you wake up. Try carving out a few minutes to meditate or sit quietly and listen to the ambient sounds around you. You'll feel much more refreshed than if you stream Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon on Netflix (which you should totally do right after).

Catch up on homework

Hm, is this really going to happen? Moving on.

Catch up with friends

Here's a more likely contender! Chances are good many of your friends will be off today, too. Get together for some face-to-face time. Loneliness is on the rise across the country, and the only cure is connecting. Get out of the house and hang out with your friends! Tour the park, grab a bite, or do some people watching. The main thing is to remove any screens between you so you can relate openly and honestly. Scary, maybe, but you just might enjoy it!

Catch up on scholarship applications

Have you been applying for scholarships? Paying for school can be tough, and the less debt you have to carry after graduation, the better. There's lots of great advice on finding and winning scholarships out there — and who doesn't like free money? So if your friends are busy, you're feeling relaxed, and your homework is (basically) done, why not spend a bit of time finding money for school? After all, you've got an extra day off, and future you will be grateful.

However you choose to spend your day off, you'd better hurry, 'cause it's back to school next week!