Generous scholarships at Bangor University, Wales, UK!

By Bangor University Modified on February 27, 2018

Academic Scholarships worth over $1 Million are available for new and returning students.


Thinking about studying in the United Kingdom? You should definitely consider north Wales as your academic destination. Bangor University is one of the best UK University settings in the UK - The Independent. A coastal town situated near to the Snowdonia mountains and is an affordable, gorgeous, and safe location.

As you would expect from a university that places great emphasis on student support, Bangor is keen to offer extra help to students. We have generous scholarships available for undergraduate, postgraduate and research students ranging from 2,000 - 4,000 pounds per year of study, based on your academic performance.

We are also amongst the most inexpensive places to live in the UK - The A-Z of Universities and Higher Education Colleges, and have also ranked in the Top 10 in the UK for inexpensive shops/amenities - THE Student Survey 2016.

There are also other sources of funding available, visit our scholarships page for further information:

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