Budgeting For Your Post-Secondary Experience, At Home Or Away

By RBC Modified on December 11, 2017

Learning how to make your money go further


As I became more familiar with campus life, and my new city and home away from home, I learned to make my money go further.

One of the biggest decisions that you’ll make when it comes to post-secondary education is whether you’ll live at home or away. For some, the choice is limited. For example, if you’re from a small town or seeking a specialized program, living away might not be optional and finding a way to make living away work from a financial perspective will be essential. But others might have the choice to commute to school while living with their parents — potentially saving them a significant amount of rent and grocery money on the way.

It was never a question for me: I always planned to go away to school. It represented freedom! I couldn’t wait to get out from under the watchful (albeit loving) eyes of my parents. I was so determined, that schools within close driving proximity did not make my list of top choices. No one was more surprised than me, when in frosh week and the first few weeks of classes, I became desperately homesick and phoned my parents repeatedly (daily). I must have placated my anxiety with an abundance of social outings and retail therapy, because by mid-term I was well ensconced in student life, with a dwindling bank account balance and no foreseeable income to get me to Christmas break.

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