2018 Maclean's University Ranking Results - Primarily Undergraduate

By Kai Dao Modified on November 20, 2017
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Check out the rankings for universities that offer primarily undergraduate degrees!


Primarily Undergraduate Schools

The largest shift in this year’s rankings sees Mount Allison University overtaking the University of Northern British Columbia for the top spot. Trent University has also jumped up a spot, taking the third position away from the University of Lethbridge. Acaida University remains in the fifth position.

  1. 1. Mount Allison University
    Mount Allison gives undergraduates the opportunity to “mix-and-match” over 40 programs across several disciplines. Small class sizes offer a unique classroom experience where you can ask questions, be yourself and have everyone know your name. Mount Allison is first in faculty awards and overall reputation.
  2. 2. University of Northern British Columbia
    Prince George is the largest city in Northern British Columbia, complete with fantastic restaurants, close-knit communities and plenty of art and culture. UNBC is first in student awards and operating budget, as well as third in student/faculty ratio.

  3. 3. Trent University
    Trent is a small university with campuses in Peterborough and Durham. This university cares greatly about its community. It is first in scholarships and bursaries, and third in social sciences and humanities grants.
  4. 4. University of Lethbridge
    ULeth is celebrating its 50th anniversary and all fundraising initiative proceeds will go towards student scholarships. This school is first in student services and second in medial/science grants.
  5. 5. Acadia University
    Acadia has a history of removing roadblocks, the first of which took place in 1838 when Baptist leaders could not have a higher education due to their association with the Christian Church. Another breakthrough occurred in 1884 when women were first allowed to attend the school. Acadia is second in student awards and forth in student satisfaction.

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Maclean’s University Rankings 2017 - Primarily Undergraduate

* Indicates a tie

School Overall Ranking Rank Last Year More
Mount Allison University 1 [2] Profile
University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) 2 [1] Profile
Trent University 3 [4] Profile
University of Lethbridge 4 [3] Profile
Acadia University 5 [5] Profile
St. Francis Xavier University 6 [6] Profile
Saint Mary’s University 7 [7] Profile
University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) 8 [*11] Profile
Lakehead University 9 [*11] Profile
University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI) 10 [8] Profile
Bishop’s University *11 [9] Profile
Laurentian University *11 [10] Profile
St. Thomas University 13 [15] Profile
Université de Moncton *14 [14] Profile
University of Winnipeg *14 [13] Profile
Brandon University 16 [17] Profile
Mount Saint Vincent University *17 [16] Profile
Nipissing University *17 [*18] Profile
Cape Breton University 19 [*18] Profile

(Source: Maclean’s magazine)

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