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International Business University is changing how we view an education in business with its unique learning opportunities.

 Discover IBU: Scholarships, Flexible Education, and More

Are you interested in studying business? Do you want a degree that provides a foundation in business-related fields while also gaining essential skills for the job market? The International Business University (IBU) listens to what students want and specializes in business education with a global perspective encompassing businesses in Canada and around the world.

About IBU

IBU, located in downtown Toronto, was established as a university in December 2020, welcoming our first class in September 2021. We consider ourselves a “next generation” university because our main goal is providing academic excellence with a curriculum catered to the needs of the future.

Learn more about admission requirements and the international perspective in the curriculum from faculty and staff at IBU:

Benefits of attending IBU

We're changing how the world views an education in business. Check out some of these key features of our programs:

Complete your degree in under three years

Capitalize on your momentum and motivation and graduate in under three years! At IBU, the curriculum is designed as a continuous, structured program, meaning that you will study for three semesters a year. This means you won’t have a summer break, but you’ll get to graduate earlier!

Flexible education

At IBU, you have access to a flexible education. Whether you’re working while studying, stuck at home with the kids, or unable to live in Toronto, there are options to completing your degree. IBU offers online, on-campus, and hybrid approaches to learning.

Career opportunities

Business degrees such as our Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in International Management and Technology are valuable in today’s job market. You’ll take core business courses such as International Business, Applied Economics, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Advanced Data Analysis, and more. You’ll also take courses outside of business as well: Critical Thinking, Psychology and Cognition, Contemporary World History, and others.

By having such a foundational education that is applied in real-world settings, your career opportunities open up exponentially. Find your passion in international and Canadian marketing and sales, analysis and management, business operations, and many more!

Small class sizes

Typically, when we think of undergraduate business classes, we picture large lecture halls where you’re just a face in a sea of students. This is not the case at IBU. Classes are limited to only 30 students! This means that you’ll get to know your professor and classmates well and be able to make valuable connections.

Financial aid

AT IBU, we believe in the education we provide to you, and that’s why we’ve created a unique financial aid program to eliminate the stress of school costs while you study.

For a limited number of eligible domestic students, up to 100% of your tuition and book payments will be deferred until you are employed after graduating. You can even have 25% of your total financial aid waived if you graduate with an average CGPA of 4.0 and up.

IBU offers a one-year grace period after your graduation where you won’t have to make payments during that time, or until you begin working. IBU’s financial aid program is interest-free, meaning you will only pay back the total tuition and book cost during your degree.

Entrance scholarships for academic excellence

Admission Average Scholarship Award for Semester 1 of First Year Scholarship Award for Semester 2 of First Year
95 and higher $3,000 $3,000
90% to 94.9% $1,500 $1,500
85% to 89.9% $1,000 $1,000
80% to 84.9% $1,000 $1,000

On top of the entrance scholarships for academic excellence, IBU offers a general entrance scholarship of $750/term for those who did not receive a merit-based entrance scholarship. Find out more about financial aid, awards, and bursaries!

A degree at IBU will prepare you for a career through real-world settings and a rigorous academic curriculum. Start your journey today!

Learn more about IBU’s Bachelor of Commerce degree

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