Prepare for Your Midterms with These 5 Smart Study Strategies

These five tips will help you feel good about your midterms: before, during, and after!

Prepare for Your Midterms with These Smart Study Strategies

As midterms approach, it's common to feel stressed or unsure of where to start. But don't worry, we've got you covered with tips on how to confidently prepare for your midterms!

1. Communicate

Your first stop in preparing for midterms should be talking to your professors. However, before reaching out to them, make sure to check your course syllabus (called the "critical path" at Humber) to see if the answers to your questions are already available. It's important to come to office hours prepared with any remaining questions and concerns you may have.

Consider asking:

  • Will the professor provide a midterm review sheet?
  • Will there be office hours to review more?
  • Will there be an in-class review period?
  • Are study sheets allowed?

2. Your midterm study schedule

Studying can feel repetitive and lead to burnout. To combat this, make a list of the topics, questions, and definitions that you need to cover, and schedule your study time leading up to the midterms. Each day, focus on a different topic instead of cramming everything at once.

If you're having trouble understanding a concept and could use a little support, Humber College students can reach out to the Math and Writing Centre, or the Accounting Centre, where the teams are happy to assist.

3. Take part in a study group

If you struggle with taking notes or concentrating, consider pairing up with a classmate to exchange study notes and quiz each other on the material. This can help you better understand the concepts and study more efficiently. You can even create a shared document for everyone to add information to.

If you find it challenging to connect with classmates, many schools, including Humber, offer peer-assisted tutoring and other types of Student Learning Services to support you in your midterm journey.

Learn a little more about peer tutoring in this video:

4. Processing your notes

Don't just take notes and forget about them! Take the time to review and process your notes, just like you would with an essay. Reviewing your notes can help you focus on the most important points and concepts that you need to memorize.

Also, consider trying out different study spots. Although it may be comfortable to study on your couch or bed, Humber's libraries are great spots, as they offer many resources, including MLA and APA writing help, and study rooms to help you stay focused. Being around other students who are studying can make your own work seem a little easier.

5. It's midterm time

We hope you find these tips and resources helpful in your midterm preparation. Remember, Humber offers excellent resources to help you achieve your academic goals. Also, make sure to get a good night's sleep before the exam, so you can walk in (or log in!) to your exam with confidence.

Good luck on your midterms!

Learn more about peer tutoring at Humber College

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