Seize Your Summer: Become a Volunteer

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Volunteering helps build character, and looks great on a scholarship application or resumé.

Seize Your Summer: Become a Volunteer

With a little extra time on your hands, summer break is the right time to become a volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to build your resumé, learn valuable skills, and meet new people in your community. Read on to learn all about how beneficial volunteering this summer can be for you!

1. Build your resumé before university

Throughout your university experience, you'll be actively pursuing new and exciting opportunities like summer jobs, internships, and co-op jobs. That's why it's important to start building your resumé now! If you feel like you have nothing valuable to add to your resumé, don't worry, one of the best ways to build your resumé this summer is by adding volunteer experience.

Volunteering demonstrates your ability to work hard while giving back to the community and shows your ability to stay dedicated to a cause. Adding a volunteer role to your resumé can help you stand out against other candidates when competitive opportunities come around, too.

2. Work on yourself

Volunteering can teach you a variety of useful skills for university and the workplace — skills like teamwork, problem solving, and time management. Learning these skills before you begin working or studying can help make the transition to these new environments much easier.

Volunteering can also help you explore and discover new passions. You can coach if you like sports, become a camp counsellor if you like kids, or volunteer at a wildlife organization if you have a passion for animals.

Being a volunteer can also be a great way to explore opportunities in the fields you hope to work in. Volunteer at a hospital if you want to work in the medical field — you'll get a better grasp of which parts of the field you love and which parts you can live without. Hands-on experience is always going to teach you things you otherwise would never know!

3. Make connections

Meeting new people is one of the biggest benefits of volunteering. If you're working for an organization you're passionate about, your fellow volunteers could potentially be your new best friends. If you impress your supervisors, they could become your mentors and help you network when you're looking for a co-op or internship opportunity later in your university career. You never know who you'll meet and the impact they could have on your life!

Seize the opportunity this summer and start volunteering. It's a great way to make your resumé stronger, learn new skills, and meet new people in your community. Whether you're discovering what you're passionate about, getting better at working with others, or making new friends, volunteering has tons of benefits. Sign up to volunteer today: you won't regret it!

Where to find volunteer opportunities near you

You can ask around at local places like senior's homes and hospitals, or check out's Volunteer Centre Directory to find a place to volunteer near you. They even have info on online volunteering opportunities!

Further, you can check out this article on volunteering for more ideas. Have fun!

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