Distinctly ONU: Be Practical, Be Passionate, Be Involved

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As an ONU student, you'll do more. We call it high-impact learning. It's a full immersion experience with proven success.

Distinctly ONU: Why Ohio Northern University May Be Right For You

As an Ohio Northern University student, you'll do more. You'll forge connections and solve problems. You'll explore new paths and innovate strategies. You'll network, lead, communicate, research, travel, and brainstorm. We call it high-impact learning. It's a full immersion experience with proven success.

High-impact educational practices

Instilling students with a passion for learning happens every day inside our small, intimate classrooms. But it goes beyond that; we also believe in engaging and empowering you through an abundance of experiential-learning opportunities that happen outside the classroom. You get the chance to roll up your sleeves, apply the knowledge you've gained, and actually solve challenges and develop solutions.

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Be practical

We believe the best way to learn is by doing. That's why we provide you a multitude of opportunities to do hands-on research, complete real-world projects, and gain skills through internships and co-ops. Check out our programs here.

As an undergraduate, you could land a paid research-assistant position, trudge through wetlands to study flora and fauna, or pursue a dream experience at NASCAR or the Smithsonian Institution. Whatever it is you want to do, we'll help you get there.

Be passionate

A positive student experience is all about balance. Here, we know the importance of pursuing your passions, whether it be music, art, Greek life, athletics or one of our more than 200 student organizations.

Your passions are just as much a part of you as your career aspirations. Therefore, you'll be encouraged to continually foster what you're passionate about, in addition to honing your professional skills.

Be involved

Expanding your horizons is a personal mission for everyone involved in your education at ONU. Learning to interact with and learn about the world outside your door can open up new ways of understanding and forge paths to new opportunities. We're well aware of this, and that's why ONU students learn how to be involved through community service, study abroad, and diverse people and experiences.

Distinctly ONU

The best complement to high-impact learning is a balanced student experience. That's why Ohio Northern is committed to producing students who are practical, passionate, and involved. All three characteristics are important in building a fulfilling and successful future, and rest assured: If you become an ONU Polar Bear, you'll have found a winning combination.

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