From Trinidad and Tobago to Stetson Law School: Amadu Wilshire's Advice for New Attorneys-to-Be

By Stetson Law Modified on March 14, 2024
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Amadu Wilshire, Esq., runs his own law firm in the United States after completing his MA in International Law at Stetson.

From Trinidad and Tobago to Stetson Law School: Amadu Wilshire's Advice for New Attorneys-to-Be

Ever considered a career in law? Getting an international law degree can open doors to a new, lucrative career field, and take you places you may never have dreamed of!

Just take it from Amadu Wilshire, principal attorney of Wilshire LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Stetson Law recently sat down with Mr. Wilshire to get some advice for future law students.

Why did you choose to study law?

"It was a feeling. Every time I heard the word law, something in my stomach would churn. I ignored it. And the pull got stronger... to the point where I couldn't take it anymore. And I was like, 'okay, I'm going to go do it.' That's how I ended up in law school," says Mr. Wilshire.

If you feel an irresistible pull towards studying law, you may want to emulate Mr. Wilshire's example and follow your instincts!

How has the LLM (a Master's in International Law) affected you professionally?

"It definitely stands out, as an LLM, anywhere I go in the world shows that I've gone way beyond law school in the pedagogy of law. And that distinction, all goes well professionally and also in social circles," Mr. Wilshire says.

The Master's in International Law, a one-year post-graduate degree, prepares grads for a global marketplace in business, law, government, and related professions.

What was your experience at Stetson Law in terms of campus life and networking?

"When it came to campus life, I was involved with everything. Everybody knew me on campus. I didn't know anybody, but everybody knew me on campus. I was involved with BLSA (the Black Law Students Association), I was involved with, you name it, I was there. I was the unofficial member of every group because there was always food and a T shirt."

How about the international office, as an international student?

"The international office at Stetson Law is very family oriented. Great support. Great, great, great, great support. To the point that today I'm still very close with people who I've worked with in the international office and who still work with the international office. Yeah, they're fantastic."

Having support when you're studying away from home can make your experience more welcoming.

What advice would you offer to students who are considering law school in the USA?

"It's worth it. Go for it. It challenges your thinking. It challenges every notion of your own bias because we all have them. It challenges your prejudice, your horizons, your mental structures. It challenges you."

"Stetson Law is officially one of the most close knit institutions I've ever attended. That's dear to me with Stetson. It's truly a family-oriented law school."

Curious about what Stetson Law could mean to you? Check out the campus in this short YouTube video:

How about strategies for law students to help with networking and building connections?

"Definitely get to know your classmates. You never know where they'll end up. Also, speak with professors who are teaching you because they have experience. Before they were professors, many of them practiced in their fields."

"Get involved with as many groups or entities which are aligned with your LLM because there are opportunities there. Look at new developments occurring in your field. Because from that will also show you new jobs, new careers which are developing new fields, new ways of doing things."

Networking is one of the best parts of law school, so don't miss out on building authentic, meaningful connections with peers and instructors.

Finally, how did a career in US law meet or defy your expectations?

"It defied expectations, definitely. I thought it was going to be transactional. It taught me one very important thing: Do not bring ego into the practice of law, and be open. Oh my God, give me litigation. I live for litigation. It gives me a fire that, oh my God, only kindness can cool. I love love, love, love, love, love litigation."

"The practice of law made me see a side of humanity that I read about in books, I heard on the television. But when I came face to face with it, the reality of the things that I read about became real, so poignant, so animate, that I was forced to look at not just the reality, but to develop a new sense of humanity within the practice of law in everyday life."

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