3 Steps to Fast-Track Your Education

By Algonquin College Modified on January 25, 2024
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Algonquin College introduces AC Pathways where you can continue your education and get to your dream job faster!

 3 Steps to Fast-Track Your Education

If you’re looking to continue your education and get to your dream job faster, Algonquin College has just the thing! Allow us to introduce AC Pathways.

What are AC Pathways?

Pathways are agreements between Algonquin College and other postsecondary institutions that facilitate recognition of prior postsecondary study and transfer credit or admission to upper levels of study. Pathways can also occur between Algonquin College programs, where a student can use credits from one program to fast-track into another where applicable. Essentially, AC Pathways allow you to complete your credentials in less time and reduce your course load overall.

1. Find the right path

Kerah is a first-year student in the Developmental Service Worker program who hopped on the Pathways train straight out of high school. Figuring out where to start and what path to take is the hardest part of starting a new journey and Kerah knew she had her work cut out for her once she graduated.

Luckily, she found AC Pathways, “I always knew that I wanted to be a social worker and working with AC allowed me to find a realistic path to make it happen. To become a social worker, I need to have a degree and the Pathway office is helping me ensure that, once I get my diploma, I can fast-track into a degree program and finish school faster. Because of this, I’m saving so much time and I’ll be able to start working my dream job sooner! I’ll also be getting my diploma, my degree, and my Masters degree in just six years instead of eight which is amazing.”

Since enrolling, Kerah has been living it up on campus, “The program has been really great so far! I’ve really gained a lot of insight into what the social work field has to offer and I’m excited for what’s next.” Once she completes her program at AC, Kerah will be able to transfer into her third year of university to get her degree.

Have your cake and eat it too

Kerah is one of many students who gets to experience the best of both worlds through an AC Pathway! If you’re someone who thrives in a hands-on environment, college is the place to be. Here, students learn through simulated work environments and are taught by real field experts through firsthand experience. Once their AC program is complete, they can apply what they’ve learned to their more theory-heavy classes further down their pathway.

University is great if you’re more of a theory-oriented learner. There can be a lot of reading and studying, which may be good for you. Oftentimes, there can be hundreds of students per class in university. Larger class sizes can be a great opportunity to make friends and network with like-minded individuals. Talk about a well-rounded experience!

It gets better

Not only are you studying a field you’re passionate about, but you’re also doing it in the most efficient way possible. AC Pathways students can save $5,600 in tuition fees and money isn’t the only thing you’re saving either. Students, on average, save at least a year of school with recognition for their prior education.

2. Get credit for your prior education

AC grad, Faith can attest to that; what would have been a nine-year-long trek only took her four years to complete! Her journey started at university in the International Development and Globalization program but she decided it wasn’t for her after her first year.

Fortunately, she was able to transfer some of her credits to AC’s Business — Marketing diploma program, “When I transferred from university to Algonquin college, they actually gave me credit for a semester’s worth of the education that I’d completed before.” Since then, Faith has saved five whole years of school, “In all, I got nine years’ worth of credit for school, but I actually only went to school for four years!”

The Business-Marketing program allowed her to follow the Pathway into the Advanced Diploma of Business Administration Marketing, and down another Pathway to a college in BC where she received her Bachelor of Business Administration, “I got all the hands-on experience that I needed, but I also got my degree at the end of the day and that really helped me find a career that I love.”

Positively thriving, Faith is now a successful Business Markets Relationship Manager, advising small businesses on how they can manage and grow their enterprises through tailored financing, digital enablement and day-to-day banking solutions.

3. Connect with AC Pathways

No matter your background, there’s a pathway for everyone! Whether you’ve already got some college or university experience under your belt, you’re fresh out of high school, or you’re an avid community volunteer, your credits will get you far. With over 250 options available online, in-person, full-time or part-time, you can certainly find your AC Pathway today!

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