Gearing Up for December

By Western University Modified on December 02, 2023
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As you prepare for exams and final projects, make sure you keep these 10 tips for managing school and self-care in mind.

 Gearing Up for December

This article was written by Arnov Bhatt, a second year computer science student.

As December quickly approaches, the stress of managing schoolwork while gearing up for finals and prioritizing self-care can be a lot for many. But worry not! Here are ten tips that I hope will help you in gearing up for December (I know they help me!).

1. Build a detailed and comprehensive study plan as this will not only keep you focused but also assist you in being organized and on track!

2. Find a study environment that works for you! Find a space that will help you focus on your studies. That may be a comfortable, quiet, distraction and noise-free space for some. For others that may mean some light background noise. Whatever is going to help you focus at your best.

3. Try summarizing concepts and using flashcards, this helps enhance your retention, giving you a clearer understanding of the topic!

4. Take regular breaks as it helps refresh your mind making you more productive and less tired. One of the most recommended time management techniques I've often been told about is the Pomodoro technique which is based on 25-minute stretches of focused work broken by five-minute breaks.

5. Look after yourself! Make sure you are getting good sleep [8 hours], exercising regularly, and having a good diet as they are vital for you to be in your best state both physically and mentally during high-stress periods.

6. Practice using past exams, they are super helpful in boosting your confidence and also helping you identify the areas that need more attention. You can even time yourself for your practice exams to get used to working within a timeframe.

7. Find a study group as learning and working with peers can be extremely helpful in keeping yourself accountable and also getting different perspectives on the same topic.

8. Try using charts, diagrams, and mnemonics to simplify complex topics. This helps in better understanding and retention during exams.

9. Do not hesitate to ask for help from your profs, TAs, and mentors as they are here to help you solidify your understanding and clear your doubts! Western also provides academic and wellness supports to help you through periods of high stress. Check out the StudentExperience!

10. Last but not least make sure to have a positive mindset as believing in your abilities and staying motivated significantly impacts your performance and mental health.

With that, I wish you all the best as you head into your December exams!

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