Tyndale University Introduced Exciting New Programs This Year

By Tyndale University Modified on November 22, 2023
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Discover if one of Tyndale's three new undergraduate programs could be for you!

 Tyndale University Introduced Exciting New Programs This Year

Tyndale University is pleased to announce the launch of new undergraduate programs that offer students unique opportunities to explore diverse areas of study while integrating Christian perspectives.

Having started in September 2023, these programs will equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to navigate complex societal issues, for employability, and to make positive contributions to the communities they serve.

Ethics and law

The Ethics and Law minor explores the intersection of faith and the law, preparing students for careers in law, business, politics, and more. Courses such as Canadian Business Law, Critical Reasoning, and Business Ethics provide a foundation in legal principles, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning.

Law concentration

The Law concentration within the Philosophy program offers a comprehensive exploration of legal principles, critical thinking, and ethical reasoning.

Students delve into topics like Canadian Business Law, Symbolic Logic, and Ethics of War, all integrated with a faith perspective. This program is ideal for those aspiring to make ethical and informed decisions in various fields, including law, business, politics, and beyond.

Christian Apologetics

Tyndale’s Christian Apologetics minor is intellectually rigorous and biblically informed. It empowers students to understand, articulate, and argue for the Christian faith in today’s world. Graduates of this program are prepared to engage in apologetics ministries in workplaces, churches, college campuses, and online platforms.

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