Navigating Your Academic Journey

By King's University College Modified on November 03, 2023
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Success takes work, but you can do it! Application season is upon us, so now's the time for action.

Navigating Your Academic Journey

As an incoming first-year student you should be proud of your achievement, opening the doors to higher education. One of the most critical decisions you'll be faced with is selecting the right path for you.

The choices are abundant: double majors, minors, specializations — the power's in your hands.

Exploring the possibilities

As you build your degree, you'll have a lot of choices. Here are the main ones in terms of degree type:

Double majors: A compelling academic option where incoming students pursue two fields of interest during their undergraduate studies. This path allows students to gain a variety of skill sets to gain a competitive edge in the job market. If you take a double major, you probably won't add a minor to your degree.

Here's an example: Double Major: Criminology and Politics & International Relations

Minors: These are usually complementary to enhancing primary majors with an additional area of expertise. A minor can also be a fun way to explore your interests away from your main field of study.

Here's an example: Major in History with a Minor in Sociology

Specializations: These are geared for students to dig deep into a particular area of study within your major. They also allow you to become experts in a specific program which will then open the door for specialized job opportunities. A specialization is sort of like a double major in a single subject!

Here's an example: Specialization in Psychology

Preparing for application season

Here are some basics to consider when deciding on the right program and school:

Common first year

Before making any major academic decisions, it's crucial to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

At King's University College at Western, we encourage students to take full advantage of the opportunities and avenues presented. Reflecting on what you're passionate about is always the first step. By matching your degree to your interests, you're more likely to be excited by your schoolwork — and when schoolwork is exciting, is it really considered work?

Academic advisors

The first step in the direction of success is consulting with your academic advisors. At King's University College at Western, we offer our students Summer and Winter Academic Orientation sessions where you can meet with counsellors and determine your goals and aspirations, while selecting courses to meet your expectations.

(If you've already accepted an offer, please visit this page!)

Experiential learning

Be sure to take full advantage of:

  • internships
  • research opportunities
  • extra-curricular activities

related to your field of study. Getting connected with fellow students — as well as profs and TAs — will prove invaluable during your undergraduate career.

Specifically, at King's University College at Western, we offer all our students these potential experiences.

Students can also explore the option of exchanges: King's has over 50 partnerships worldwide for you to choose from, for study and travel, while remaining in the same domestic courses you would see on campus! Check out Kings' Experiential learning opportunities at this link!

We hope that these helpful tips will provide you valuable insight into what your future may hold! Looking forward to meeting, and we hope to see you at our open house on November 4th, 2023.

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