14 Questions You Need to Ask Schools

By Centennial College Modified on November 06, 2023
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If you're still considering where you want to study, make sure you ask your potential schools these questions to narrow down your choices.

 14 Questions You Need to Ask Schools

Figuring out where to go to college? Or maybe you’ve got a school in mind, and want to know more about it. Either way, attending open houses and reaching out to schools are the perfect way to learn more. There’s a lot of schools you can choose from, and a lot to learn, so we’ll try and make things a little simpler for you with 14 questions you’ll want to ask, so you can learn as much as possible in the time you have before applying.

1. What’s unique about your college?

What does this college have that others don’t? What are its best features compared to other schools?

2. What program(s) is your college best known for?

If you know what program you want to take, this question will help you find the best school to take it at.

3. Are any of your programs supported by employers?

Every program is improved when it's connected to a professional organization, company, or employer. It means the curriculum will teach you the real skills you need to succeed in the career you want, and you’ll have a direct connection to the job once you graduate.

4. Does your school (or this program) have any special admission requirements?

Generally, you’ll want to know what grade averages and other special requirements are needed to get into your chosen program/college, as well as their admission deadlines and fees. If you have a specific program you’ve got your eye on, you can also ask about the special requirements for it, so you know what you need to get ready.

5. What is the average annual tuition?

While it varies based on the program, you can still get a general idea of each school’s costs. Even better, if you have a specific program in mind, you can ask about that.

6. What kind of financial aid does this college offer?

This one speaks for itself. What kinds of scholarships and bursaries does the school have, and how many students use them?

7. What’s your average class size?

In this case, the smaller the better, since it’ll allow for more one-on-one instruction.

8. What sort of support services does your school offer?

For example, if you have a documented learning disability, you’ll want to know about the college’s learning accommodations and services. You may also want to know if the college offers access to counselling, student advisors, career and placement services, and accessibility services.

9. What special learning opportunities do you offer?

A good college lets you step outside the school’s walls. The ways they could do this include options for studying abroad, joint programs with universities, and internship or co-op opportunities.

10. What kind of transportation or parking does your school have?

Getting to school can be a big deal that affects your time, money, and energy. Can public transportation get you there easily? Does the school offer any transit discounts? And if you drive, what’s the parking situation like?

11. What kind of living accommodations are there? Does the college have a residence?

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking of living on campus, you’ll want to know what kind of student life you’ll have. Speaking of that…

12. What do students do outside of class?

You’ll want to know about extracurricular activities like student clubs and athletics. You also want to know how you can have fun on campus.

13. What’s the town around the college like?

Is it urban, or suburban? How big is the campus? Most importantly, what local attractions is the college close to?

14. What do students like most about your school?

This will help you figure out if the school has what you’re looking for.

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