5 Reasons to Choose Capilano University as an Acting Student

By Capilano University Modified on October 23, 2023
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Student ambassador Bee shares her top five reasons to choose CapU as an up-and-coming stage and screen actor!

Five Reasons to Choose Capilano University as an Acting Student

We asked our student ambassador Bee de los Rios for five reasons why you should choose Capilano University to study acting. Bee is in her second year of the Acting for Stage and Screen diploma program and shared some of her experience with us in this article.

1. The range of possibilities

CapU offers two different acting programs based on current trends in the industry. CapU's Acting for Stage and Screen diploma program is one of the only programs nationwide that allow students to train for theatre, film, and television.

Additionally, CapU has a Musical Theatre diploma program, which enables students to become proficient in acting, dancing, and singing ? making program graduates well-rounded artists ready to take on the world.

2. Working with professionals

Everyone pursuing a career in performing arts wants to learn from people with experience and connections in the industry. This is why CapU instructors currently work in the field or have done so for many years ? ensuring students who study acting at CapU are learning what it takes to succeed in the field today.

3. Well-rounded education

As working industry professionals, CapU instructors know precisely what's expected from actors once they fully enter the industry. This is why they are keen to introduce students to different concepts and methods and teach them how to act for classical and contemporary performances.

In addition to being trained to act for stage, screen and musical theatre, CapU students can take courses in directing, filmmaking, scriptwriting, technical theatre, and theatre history, making them as prepared as possible for when they go into the real world.

4. Collaboration

Everyone knows you must get connections to get by in the entertainment industry. At CapU, students make connections with students in the Bachelor of Motion Picture Arts degree, as well as the Technical Theatre diploma and the Associate of Arts diploma in Creative Writing, which will be helpful in the future for collaborating on future projects after graduation.

Moreover, instructors can connect you to people working in the industry or with their own work outside after graduation.

5. Personalized education

Making connections and learning to collaborate is essential; however, classes should not be limited to group and ensemble projects.

This is why CapU offers individual projects and one-on-one lessons with instructors, allowing the actors in training to work at their own pace, improve in weaker areas, and specialize in specific areas of interest.

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