10 Reasons to Study at Vancouver Island University

By Vancouver Island University Modified on September 07, 2023
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Learn and play surrounded by natural beauty.

 10 Reasons to Study at Vancouver Island University

Written by Anisha Das, an MBA student at VIU.

Vancouver Island, on the west coast of Canada, is a hidden gem for students seeking a unique study experience. With a wide range of programming, breathtaking natural beauty, and a thriving cultural scene nearby, Vancouver Island University is a sought-after destination for students worldwide. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider studying here:

1. World-class education

Vancouver Island University has a wide range of programming, ensuring you’ll find the right fit for your academic interests and career goals. The university’s focus on hands-on and community-driven learning will have you feeling like a part of the community and getting to know people in no time.

2. Awe-inspiring natural beauty

CNN named Vancouver Island as one of the most stunning locations on the planet. Surrounded by lush forests, rugged coastlines, and beautiful beaches, Vancouver Island provides a picturesque backdrop for your studies.

This natural environment provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, surfing, and skiing. From the Nanaimo campus, you can do all these things in the same day, depending on the time of year.

3. Mild climate

Vancouver Island enjoys a mild, temperate climate with relatively warm winters and cool summers. This comfortable weather makes it easy for students to explore the Island’s natural wonders year-round, while the ample rainfall contributes to the Island’s lush greenery. Many Islanders joke that preparing for an average Island day requires both an umbrella and a pair of sunglasses.

4. A welcoming and secure atmosphere

Nanaimo and many other Island communities are known for having warm, friendly residents. VIU is known for its individualized, personable approach to education. Students can feel at ease on and off campus, knowing they’re in a secure and supportive environment. Here are five unique supports VIU provides to help you navigate key points in your educational journey.

5. Rich and diverse cultural experiences

The natural beauty means Vancouver Island attracts a strong community of artists. As a result, there is a vibrant arts and culture scene, with a variety of galleries, museums, and live performance venues. Additionally, the Island is home to many First Nations communities, providing opportunities to learn about and experience Indigenous cultures.

6. Close-knit academic communities

VIU has a welcoming and inclusive campus environment, fostering strong student communities. With numerous clubs, organizations, and events, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to make friends and immerse yourself in campus life. Check out how to build your skills outside the classroom for some ways to get involved, meet new people, and build skills.

7. Affordable living

Compared to larger cities in Canada, such as Vancouver, Victoria, and Toronto, Nanaimo’s living costs are relatively affordable. Students can find reasonably priced housing options and enjoy a lower cost of living while studying. VIU has an Off-Campus Housing Coordinator who can help students navigate the local housing market so they find the right fit.

8. Unique study abroad opportunities

VIU offers some unique study abroad and exchange programs, allowing students to expand their horizons and gain international experience. For example, doing research on a coral reef in Belize or learning on the land in Norway. Also check out the institution’s experiential learning opportunities, such as internships, co-op programs, and research placements.

9. Sustainable living

VIU is committed to sustainable development. At VIU’s Nanaimo campus, several of the buildings are heated and cooled by a District Geo-Exchange Energy System, which is set to expand soon. Green building features at the Cowichan campus include heating and cooling via a geo-exchange system, solar energy to heat the campus’ water, and a green roof.

10. Excellent job prospects

Vancouver Island’s diverse and growing economy provides students with ample job opportunities. The Island’s top industries include tourism, hospitality, technology, marketing, and natural resources. Students have a wide range of career paths to explore. VIU’s Career Studio serves as a connection point between students and employers, as well as help with writing resumés, preparing for interviews, and exploring different career paths.

Vancouver Island University is the perfect destination for students seeking a unique and rewarding study experience. With its wide range of programming, breathtaking natural beauty, and many cultural and recreational opportunities, there’s no better place to further your education and personal growth.

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