Why Montréal is a Cyclist's Paradise

Montréal, one of the world's best student cities, is also the best city for biking in North America. Find out why!

Why Montréal is a Cyclist's Paradise

Not only is Montréal one of the best student cities in the world, home to the most top-ranked restaurants, and Canada's cultural hub, but it's now taking on a new crown (or should we say helmet?)

Montréal has been named the best city for biking in North America! The island is full of cycling enthusiasts, from casual commuters to long-distance aficionados.

May was Bike Month in Québec, and June brings beautiful cycling weather, so we're celebrating everything that makes the province's two wheels go 'round. There's no shortage of beautiful paths in the countryside, but let's start by looking at what makes biking in Montréal so great.

Bike lanes galore

Sharing the road with cars can be daunting, but in Montréal that's no problem. The city has almost 900 km of bike lanes where your wheels lay down the law. Cycling lanes aren't just for commuting — you can also take leisurely rides down the historic Lachine Canal or along the beautiful St. Lawrence River.

Why Montréal is a Cyclist's Paradise

Le Petit Vélo Rouge

Nestled on our leafy Loyola Campus, Le Petit Vélo Rouge is a community-run non-profit bike shop. Its services are pay-what-you-can, but they also teach DIY bike maintenance because you know what they say:

Fix someone's bike and they can ride for the day. Teach someone how to fix their bike, and they can ride for a lifetime.

Affordable bike-sharing system

Why Montréal is a Cyclist's Paradise

No bike? No problem. BIXI is Montréal's bikeshare system. For $99 a year, you can rent a bike anywhere across the city using your phone. Since biking is a student-preferred method of transportation, Concordia students even get a special discount!

On-campus bike repair stations

Roll up to class the Montréal way — cool, on two wheels. You'll never have to fear low tire pressure again with our new on-campus bike repair stations for those pesky flats or crusty chains.

Why Montréal is a Cyclist's Paradise

Excited to see Montreal by bike? Start by taking a 360° virtual tour of our campuses and the surrounding areas!

Take a virtual tour of Montréal with Concordia

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