Get Psychedelic with VIU's New Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Post-Grad Certificate

Study the therapeutic and medicinal applications of psychedelic drugs in one of Canada's most unique post-grad certificate programs.

Get Psychedelic with VIU's New Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Post-Grad Certificate

The Psychedelic-assisted Therapy graduate certificate program at Vancouver Island University is geared toward professional therapists (or equivalent) and clinicians who aim to train in and support psychedelic-assisted therapies. To gain admission to the program, you'll need a bachelor's degree in a health-related field, and two years of experience.

How does the program work?

The program model centres on coming to know the opportunities and challenges inherent in this advanced practice area, followed by the practice of collectively navigating complexities within a community of practice environment. The small group interdisciplinary learning environment is designed to augment your therapeutic capacity to provide safe and inclusive care.

Professionals who apply for the certificate program will join a cohort that begins in September and moves through the courses in sequence. You'll also take a hybrid (online and in person) practicum course for professionals to engage in supervised practice in a program that delivers psychedelic-assisted therapies. The full program can be completed from a distance if an approved practicum site is available near your place of residence.

The program takes one year to complete, and consists of three courses plus a practicum, which can be completed at various times throughout the year via directed study, dependent on practicum site and field guide availability. In online theory courses, you'll learn about:

  • Introduction to psychedelic medicine
  • Psychedelic medicine: trauma-informed and inclusive care
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy: professional practice

How do I apply for admission to this post-grad certificate?

Preference will be given to candidates with a clinician and/or therapy license and for those with experience in a related field. Applicants admitted without a license to practice will be supervised by a licensed practitioner.

Applicants require an undergraduate degree (or equivalent) in health, human services, or related fields. Applicants without a bachelor's degree but who have a minimum five years' of recent and relevant training and therapy/clinical experience at a credible training or treatment institute/centre may request consideration for admission. Applicants will be considered by the program coordinator on an individual basis.

This post-graduate certificate is meant for working professionals who want to expand their scope of practice. If you've got some experience in therapy or counselling, and you're looking for a unique subset of the field to explore, consider VIU's Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy certificate.

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