Your Experiential Learning Opportunities at Algoma

By Algoma University Modified on March 24, 2023
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There's more experiential learning opportunities than just co-op. Discover all your options at Algoma University!

 Your Experiential Learning Opportunities at Algoma

Today’s job market changes quickly. Experiential learning will help you earn hands-on experiences that connect theory to practice and builds transferable skills highly sought after by employers. In other words, participating in experiential learning as part of your university experience can help connect you to your future career!

At Algoma University, we’ve got plenty of different ways you can gain hands-on experience thanks to our Experiential Learning Hub. Learn more about the different ways that you can connect with experiential learning opportunities and community partners:

1. Co-op

Co-operative education, or co-op, is a great way for you to pair your academic studies with paid work experience. With co-op, you’ll gain essentials skills, valuable networking opportunities, and be able to explore careers you’re interested in.

At Algoma, you can earn our Co-operative Education Certificate which is offered concurrently with all disciplines. To graduate with the Co-operative Education Certificate, students must successfully complete their degree program, pass COOP 0101, and successfully complete three work term placements that typically last 16 weeks each.

COOP 0101 is a career skills course that will prepare you for the job search process. You’ll cover topics like skills assessment, resumé and cover letter tips, interview skills, job search skills, and business etiquette.

2. Study abroad

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the world, why not do it while working towards your degree? There are countless benefits to studying abroad: experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, learning a new language, taking courses which are not readily available at your home institution, and building your resumé.

Algoma offers a variety of exchange program opportunities that you can take advantage of:

3. Career Link

Career Link is a certificate that’ll help you gain in-demand skills that are relevant and provide you with an array of resources for your career development. These resources are built on current research on what employers are seeking.

The Career Link certificate is free and does not count towards credits. You can choose from a wide variety of Career Link badges based on your interests and needs. You’ll successfully earn the Career Link certificate when you complete the required components of the badge you’ve chosen. You’ll have one term to participate in the workshops, events, professional development activities, and advising sessions to complete the certificate.

4. Academic internships

Academic internships are designed to help you connect your studies to relevant work experience. Just like a co-op position, an academic internship will provide you with critical thinking skills in work environments. An internship is a better option if you want to gain work experience, but can’t commit to three full semesters of placements that’s required for co-op.

Algoma currently offers more than 19 academic internship courses (PDF) that you can take in your third or fourth year. The only prerequisites you’ll need for these courses are to have competed your first two years of your program including all required courses, and to have an overall 70% average.

5. CityStudio

CityStudio Sault Ste. Marie is an innovation hub at Algoma University that develops tomorrow’s leaders by bringing municipal government to the classroom. Municipal staff, together with post-secondary students, faculty, and community co-create innovative projects that contribute to key strategic goals and priorities of Sault Ste. Marie.

If you think this could be a good opportunity for you, then check out some of our students’ 2022 projects.

6. Pakistan Women Advancement Program

The Pakistan Women Advancement Program is a 16-month program delivered in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and co-developed by Algoma University and the Canada-Pakistan Business Council. The program provides opportunities for qualified women from Pakistan to study in Canada at the university level.

Students can earn a graduate certificate in Project Management from Algoma University while also benefiting from a customized program of co-curricular support and activities, including pre-arrival orientation, a student mentorship program, field trips, and a career mentorship program. In their final term of study, qualified students complete an internship in which they practice new skills in a Canadian work context.

For a full list of experiential learning opportunities at Algoma, check out our Experiential Learning Hub to discover how you can get the most out of your learning experience at university.

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