Make the Most of Your University Experience by Getting Involved

By Carleton University Modified on January 04, 2023
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A Carleton University student shares her reasons why you should participate in extracurriculars.

 Make the Most of Your University Experience by Getting Involved

This article was written by Spyra, a Carleton University Student.

Some of my favourite experiences throughout university have been the result of getting involved. So, here are a few reasons why you should join extracurriculars:

1. Finding out what you like

Through extracurriculars, I gained so much knowledge about what I do and do not enjoy. This allowed me to foster relevant skills which have allowed me to sift through what I actually like. When I entered university, I didn’t have a clear sense of what I wanted career-wise. This allowed me to discover what I do enjoy through extracurriculars. I was able to explore what my interests were career-wise in a relatively low commitment setting.

The first thing I joined was the Kroeger Policy Review (KPR) in my first year of university. As a writer, I had the opportunity to work with an assistant editor who helped foster my policy brief and editorial writing skills. This empowered me to write pieces about topics I was passionate about. It also allowed me to discover my passion for writing and further fostered my interest in policy.

2. They help you make connections in your field

By getting involved in various extracurriculars, I had the opportunity to meet like-minded peers who had similar interests to me. This enabled me to further foster a sense of community.

For instance, when I joined KPR I had the opportunity to meet upper-year public affairs and policy management (PAPM) students who had been in my shoes a couple of years earlier, further enabling my success in the program. As a member of the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), I met individuals who shared the same passion for forced migration advocacy.

3. Helps you build transferable skills that will aid in the workplace

I began my first co-operative education term in the Strategic Initiatives office in the Office of the Vice-President of Students and Enrolment this summer. While I gained many insights into the role of a communications professional in that role, part of the reason I was offered that position was my previous communication experience within the World University Service of Canada.

Extracurriculars provide the opportunity to combine skills development with areas of interest. Therefore, not only do extracurriculars look great on a resumé, they also provide relevant skills which will aid you in achieving your career goals.

With so many opportunities for self-discovery, community, and both personal and professional development, there’s so many reasons to join extracurriculars! I can’t wait to see what you achieve!

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