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Brescia University College has plenty of scholarship opportunities to help you fund your education.

 Fund Your Education at Brescia

Are you still searching for the right school for you? Look no further — Brescia University College may be exactly what you’re looking for. As Canada’s only women’s university, you’re guaranteed a unique experience with even better scholarship opportunities! Funding your education is a top concern for students, and Brescia works towards eliminating that stress so that you can focus on your education.

Discover what types of scholarships you could receive with an undergraduate degree at Brescia:

Automatic awards

This is everyone’s favourite kind of scholarship since it requires no application for you to spend hours filling out. These scholarships are based on your final admission average, so the hard work you put in during high school will pay off here. These awards are guaranteed — if you receive the grades, you receive the award!

Check out the automatic awards you can look forward to at Brescia:

Canadian high school entrance awards

If you’ve got an academic average of 82% or above, then you’ll receive one of these generous entrance scholarships from Brescia:

Scholarship Name Number Awarded Academic Average Value
Board of Trustees Continuing Scholarship Three Offered to the top three students in the entering class Full academic tuition
President’s Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 95.0%+ $4,000/year
Provost’s Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 90.0%-94.9% $3,500/year
Brescia Faculty Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 85.0%-89.9% $3,000/year
Brescia Scholarship for Academic Excellence Unlimited 82.0%-84.9% $2,000/year

These scholarships are renewable each year if you maintain an 80% average when taking 5.0 concurrent courses in the September to April terms. So, if you keep your grades up throughout your undergrad, you could receive up to $16,000!

Program-based awards

On top of receiving an entrance scholarship, you could also receive a program-based award! Just like the entrance scholarship, these awards are determined by your final admission average if you’re registered for full-time studies.

Find out if a program you’re interested in offers an award:

Scholarship Name Number Awarded Academic Average Value
Arts and Humanities Unlimited 82.0% $1,000 (recipients must register in 2.0 Arts and Humanities courses at Brescia.)
Foods and Nutrition Unlimited 82.0% $1,000
Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) Unlimited 82.0% $1,000

DUCA Credit Union — Bank on More — Scholarship

Award amount: $2,500

If you’re interested in the Management and Organizational Studies program and have great grades, you could possibly earn an even higher scholarship for your effort! If you have the highest average of the entering MOS program class, you’ll be offered the DUCA Credit Union — Bank on More — Scholarship worth $2,500 instead of the Management and Organizational Studies $1,000 program-based scholarship.

Application-based awards

Application-based awards are scholarships you’ll have to apply to separately, and are based on not just your grades, but also your work within the community, your leadership skills, and your experience in high school.

Explore the application-based awards that you could receive:

BresciaLEAD Excellence Award

Award amount: $5,000

Number of awards: 1

If you’re a domestic or international student entering your first year full-time, you could be eligible for this scholarship! As part of the application, you’ll have to submit a brief essay explaining how you’ve contributed to your community, and what leadership skills you’ve earned from your activities.

Brescia Community Leader Scholarship

Award amount: $1,000

Number of awards: 4

If you’ve contributed to your community and have demonstrated leadership skills, you could receive this scholarship! You’d just need to submit a brief essay discussing your contributions and leadership skills.

Brescia Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario (CEFO) Entrance Awards

Award amount: $500

Number of awards: unlimited

Brescia offers a one-time Brescia CEFO Entrance Award to all incoming Brescia students who’ve also received a CEFO Student Award. There’s no application required for this award, but you’d have to self-declare to the Admissions Office that you’ve received a CEFO Student Award. You must also have an 82% admission average and be entering full-time studies.

Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Entrance Awards

Award amount: $500

Number of awards: unlimited

If you’ve completed a Specialist High Skills Major in high school, you can receive $500. There’s no application needed for this scholarship, but you’ll have to self-declare your SHSM participation to the Admissions Office. You’ll also need an 82% admission average and must be entering full-time studies.

Ursuline Scholars Preliminary Award

Award amount: $3,000

Number of awards: 1

If you’re entering the Preliminary Year program at Brescia, you could receive the Ursuline Scholars Preliminary Award worth $3,000! All you need to do is apply.

Brescia University College offers a generous scholarship program. Use your good grades and high school experiences to help fund your education! Check out our Admissions Scholarships and Awards page for more information.

Explore your funding at Brescia

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