Micro-Credentials at Lambton College: Building Your Future, One Piece at a Time

By Lambton College Modified on October 24, 2022
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Micro-credentials let you get college credit for skills you already have, and gain new skills you need for the future you want.

Micro-Credentials at Lambton College: Building Your Future, One Piece at a Time

Micro-credentials are getting all sorts of attention lately, and it's easy to see why. With the rise of online learning, and a jobs landscape eager for workers, proving you have the skills your dream job requires — or developing those skills in the first place — is key.

Not everyone needs or wants a full degree program, though. Sometimes, you just need a straight shot of info and experience to help you reach the future you want. Hence, micro-credentials!

How do micro-credentials work?

For most students, it's easy to understand the idea of a college "Program" that is made up of a number of college "Courses." But micro-credential pathways can be broken down into even smaller learning units:

Micro-credential learning units

Upon completing an individual learning unit, a digital badge will be awarded that describes the competency it covers. These units are the smallest chunk of instruction for a micro-credential.

Check out the full list of learning units available at Lambton College.


Students are eligible to receive a micro-certificate that focuses on a specific competency area. Micro-certificates are awarded when a specified grouping of learning units are successfully completed.

Micro-certificates are grouped by program pathways. Each program pathway outlines the individual learning units and micro-certificates available for that specific micro-credential pathway. Currently, Lambton College offers four pathways:

Start working towards a micro-certificate at Lambton.

Ontario college certificate

In some instances, students who successfully complete all of the learning units within a micro-credential pathway, may be eligible to apply to graduate from an Ontario college certificate program. Not all micro-credential pathways lead to a full Ontario college certificate. In order to be eligible for the Ontario college certificate, students must also meet the admission requirements.

This means that some micro-credentials can be gathered together into a post-graduate certificate, should you be interested in pursuing a longer pathway.

With micro-credentials, you can choose as much or as little education and training as you need. Go from a single course into a micro-certificate, or even ladder up into an Ontario college certificate, if that's what you want to do!

At Lambton College, we're eager to help you understand the right pathway for you. Reach out with your questions about micro-credentials and we'll do our best to help.

Learn more about micro-credentials at Lambton College

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