Prepping for Post-Secondary While You're Still in High School

High school's the best possible time to set yourself up for success in university or college!

Prepping for Post-Secondary While You're Still in High School

When considering post-secondary enrollment, people frequently have questions on where and how to start the process. Preparing yourself ahead of time can help expand your options when choosing the right program and institution that fits your educational goals. Here are three ways you can get ready while still in high school to help find a post-secondary institution that is the right fit for you.

Knowing your interests beforehand

It's never too early to begin exploring diverse subjects and topics so that you can decide what interests you and what doesn't. What brings you joy? Consider your prior experiences, including those from jobs, school, athletics, volunteer work, clubs, and travel. Ask yourself a few questions as you reflect, such as what is it about this experience that I really like? Your interests play a huge role in helping you decide what type of career is right for you.

Discover what institutions have to offer

A post-secondary education can range from an apprenticeship to a college or university. It can even include both — you may gain more job satisfaction and additional career prospects as a result. Getting a preview of what a typical college or university course is like in high school is a great way to learn more about the field of study. Many high schools in Canada allow for students to test the waters of what a career could look like with co-op placements.

At Humber College, secondary students have the opportunity to earn both a college course credit and a credit towards their secondary school diploma through enrollment in the Humber Dual Credit Program.

Connect with your career resources

Career resources aren't just available after you're enrolled in a post-secondary institution. There are many ways you can get guidance and advice from industry professionals. Whether it be through a guidance counsellor at your high school, a parent, or academic counsellor, the resources you have around you now can help guide you in choosing the career path that's right for you.

Attending an open house at a post-secondary institution of your choice is an excellent way to take your research and the advice you received and place it in a bigger context of your potential future. With more than 220 full-time programs, 100+ diploma to degree pathway options, and more than 200 part-time certificates, Humber College has helped support many students to become leaders of tomorrow in a variety of industries.

To keep up to date with open houses, events, and virtual campus tour opportunities visit Humber's Future Students Open House page for more information.

The journey into the post-secondary world can be both exciting and intimidating. However, with the right resources and planning beforehand you can find the path that's right for you. Remember, you're not alone — you got this!

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