Four Benefits of Studying Part-Time

By Fanshawe College Modified on September 27, 2022
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Discover when you should consider part-time studies and its advantages.

 Four Benefits of Studying Part-Time

Are you interested in learning something new, but are unable to return to school on a full-time basis? Are you curious about what it means to be a part-time student and if part-time studies might be a good fit for your academic and professional development goals? There are so many great benefits to continuing your education with part-time studies.

Why you should consider part-time learning

Studying part-time provides life-long learners with the opportunity to gain quality education from a reputable institution in a convenient way that fits a variety of lifestyle needs.

Many people think about coming back to school but can’t really give up their full-time employment and/or family commitments to return to school on a full-time basis. Life certainly must go on, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier that stops you from working toward your individual learning aspirations!

Benefits of part-time learning

Whether you are already in the workforce and want to advance or change careers, or learn new skills in a field you’re passionate about, here are four benefits to part-time learning that might be why it’s a perfect fit for you:

  • Learn via flexible delivery options since most part-time offerings are delivered fully online and asynchronous/unscheduled or blended with minimal class time, or during evenings when delivered in-class.
  • Choose from a variety of credential types available part-time including a microcredential, a course, or even a full post-secondary program to earn an Ontario College Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Degree or Graduate Certificate.
  • Decide the pace at which you progress toward your credential of choice taking anywhere from one to three courses per term as a part-time learner — whatever fits your lifestyle needs!
  • Develop your skills in an affordable way since working toward a credential course-by-course means you can continue your education without a large financial commitment upfront, only paying for the courses individually as you register rather than for the whole program at the beginning.

Fanshawe College offers part-time programs and courses based on industry demand. In an ever-evolving technological world, part-time options are developed to meet industry needs to ensure your acquired skills are up-to-date and recognized by employers.

With so many part-time learning opportunities to choose from, it’s a great time to learn something new and move towards your goals.

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