3 Benefits of Christian Higher Education

By Tyndale University Modified on October 01, 2022
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Bringing your faith and your academics together can be a rewarding experience.

3 Benefits of Christian Higher Education

Are you considering integrating your faith with your studies? Here are three reasons why attending a Christian university or college may be right for you.

1. Grow in your faith

Your university and college years are an important time to explore your identity, personal values, beliefs, and life calling. A Christian university will help you discover God's purpose through meaningful activities such as going to chapel or learning in small groups. It will also help you develop a strong biblical foundation, so you know what you stand for.

2. Shape your perspective

Along with gaining a high-quality education, students at Tyndale University learn through a faith-focused lens. This, coupled with its unique location in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, means your world perspective will open up considerably, helping you collaborate with future colleagues in the workplace.

3. Build community

Many Christian universities and colleges offer smaller class sizes, which means more personal attention. The average class size at Tyndale is 22 students, which makes it easier for students to get to know their professors and peers and ask questions. You will also build community by attending gatherings together, such as chapel or extracurricular activities such as floor hockey.

At Tyndale, many students have found professors to be lifelong mentors, who journey with them after graduation and support them in their future careers. Others have found best friends, who have prayed for them during tough times and rejoiced with them when they discovered their true purpose. Consider whether Christian higher learning is right for you. Where you study can shape who you become.

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