Nipissing's Simple Scholarship Search

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Scholarship searching can be stressful as a high school student, but Nipissing makes this process as easy as possible for you.

 Nipissing’s Simple Scholarship Search

Finding funding for your education is simple at Nipissing University! As you enter your first year of university, you’ll be busy choosing your degree and courses, setting up your living situation, and exploring your extracurricular options. You won’t want to spend all your time trying to find scholarships, awards, and bursaries — and luckily, you won’t have to!

Discover how easy it is to find funding at Nipissing:

Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

Scholarships can’t get any simpler than the Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships at Nipissing — the proof is in the name (guaranteed!). Did you know that nearly 70% of our first-year students receive an entrance scholarship? So, while you focus on completing high school and earning good grades, Nipissing will automatically consider you for a guaranteed entrance scholarship. That means there’s no application needed!

Your final grades will be what determines your scholarship. Based on your best six final 4U/4M marks (or final IB score including bonus points), you’ll receive a scholarship if you earned an 80% or above.

Scholarship average Funding per year Total scholarship value Renewable average (based on cumulative GPA)
95% + (39+ for IB) Free tuition Over $24,000 95% +
90-94% (36-38 for IB) $2,500 Over $10,000 90-94%
85-89% (33-35 for IB) $1,500 Over $6,000 85-89%
80-84% (30-32 for IB) $1,000 Over $4,000 80-84%

Other awards: your one-stop shop

The most time-consuming part about scholarships, awards, and bursaries is having to fill out multiple applications. Well, at Nipissing there’s only one application that needs to be completed to be considered for all other awards available as you enter your first year of studies directly from high school. You don’t even have to wait for an offer of admission to apply for these scholarships! The deadline to submit your application is May 1st, so make sure you complete the one application before then.

Explore a couple of the awards you’ll be considered for through this one application:

Chancellor’s Award

Scholarship value: $10,000 in first year, renewed at $3,000/year

Deadline to apply: May 1

The Chancellor’s Award is meant for students entering a full-time undergraduate program directly from high school. A minimum average of 85% is needed to apply, as well as evidence of personal leadership activities and financial need. This award is renewable at $3,000 per year for three or more years.

Schulich Scholarship

Scholarship value: $7,500

Deadline to apply: May 1

This scholarship is awarded to students entering their first year of an undergraduate degree program with a focus on education (Concurrent BEd or Bachelor of Physical Health and Education). Students must have a minimum average of 80% to apply, and at least one of the following: demonstrated volunteer contributions to the community, or financial need.

For a full list of student awards and financial aid that you’ll be eligible for, visit Nipissing’s Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards for High School Students.

Finding your funding has never been easier! With only one application, you’ll be considered for all awards available to first-year students like yourself. With all the extra time you’ve saved on scholarship hunting, you’ll be able to explore Nipissing and decide if this is the right school for you. If you have any questions about financial aid, please contact

Find your funding at Nipissing

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