Setting You Up for Success: Scholarships at UNB

Did you know 1 in 2 UNB students receives a scholarship? Over $10m is available every year!

Setting You Up for Success: Scholarships at UNB

As a new student, you've got enough to worry about without adding a ton of complicated scholarship applications on top of your busy schedule. That's why the University of New Brunswick keeps things simple. Over $10 million in scholarships is available every year — and there's only one application.

UNB offers thousands of scholarships, totalling millions of dollars, thanks to generous donations by alumni, community supporters, and UNB's ongoing commitment to student success. Awards range in value from $500 to $100,000! Let's take a look at some of the scholarships for students at the University of New Brunswick.

Straight outta high school

Last year, half of all incoming high school students received a scholarship at UNB! Many receive entrance scholarships based on their grades:

Your average grades Scholarship funding (minimum)
100% $5,000
95-99.9% $4,000
90-94.9% $1,500
85-89.9% $1,000
80-84.9% $500

Your average grades are calculated based on the six courses required for admission to your UNB program.

Be aware that you'll still need to apply for an entrance award, as part of the single application for all scholarships at UNB. The deadline is March 1st, with scholarship funds distributed by April 30. Of course, you can only apply for awards after you've applied for admission to UNB.

Curious about how to apply for scholarships? Check out this short tutorial video:

Continuing UNB students

When you reach second year and beyond, and you keep your grades up, you'll continue to receive funds. You'll need to apply each year between January and April. With good grades, you could receive between $1,000 and $7,000 each year. (Not to mention all the other awards you might qualify for!)

International students

International fees can be tough, but UNB makes funding your education a little easier thanks to a generous international scholarship program.

Like Canadian high school students, international students must submit an application form by March 1 to be considered for awards. International student scholarships range in value from $500 to $40,000 per year, with the average scholarship worth about $4,100.

The Lady Vi Aiken Scholarship was recently introduced as well: it's worth $40,000 over four years ($10,000 per year), offered to a top international student, based on academic achievement and extra-curricular involvement.

Start your scholarship search now

We've only scratched the surface of what's available to students at the University of New Brunswick! You'll find hundreds of awards indexed by type on the UNB site, so give it a browse and see what you find. You just might discover a scholarship that's perfect for you!

Got questions about scholarships? Check out the Scholarships FAQ on UNB's site, and if you still have questions, reach out to any time!

Good luck in your search for scholarships.

Browse hundreds of scholarships at UNB

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