University Bucket List: Things to Do at UFV

By University of the Fraser Valley Modified on July 15, 2022
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Enjoy your time at university with these fun activities!

 University Bucket List: Things to Do at UFV

Being a student perfectly combines the stress of academic performance, looming student loan debt, and the post-graduation job search all in one. It’s a unique stage of life that not everyone is privileged enough to experience, and a surprising amount of people miss it once it’s gone. While you’re still at University of the Fraser Valley, why not get the most out of being a student by seeing what’s out there, taking advantage of opportunities, and checking things off our university bucket list?

1. Take a class outside your degree

Did you know learning doesn’t have to be solely toward your degree? That’s right, education isn’t just a way to land a bougie, well-paying job — it can also be about personal development and fulfillment, or hey, even fun! There are tons of interesting classes that you can take on cool topics or even hobbies. Take SOC 385 for example: it’s an entire course on The Simpsons! Yeah, that’s right; a whole course about a cartoon.

2. Listen to CIVL Radio

Did you know we have a radio station that’s our very own? Heck ya. Tune in to 101.7 CIVL to fill your ear holes with tasty, tasty sounds and gourmet radio shows such as Birds of Canada and The Wheelbarrow Show. Hey, if you’re a broadcasting student, you could probably even work for them.

3. Go to an event on campus

UFV has some pretty awesome events on the regular. To find these incredible events, myCampusLife and our events calendar will keep you in the loop on events, news, and even job opportunities.

4. Take a fitness class on campus

Fitness may not be your passion, but exercise is important for your physical and mental health — not to mention it’s a great way to connect with your peers. Fitness classes are free for all UFV students through their Rec Pass and run out of both the Chilliwack and Abbotsford campuses. The full schedule can be accessed from the UFV website’s Campus Recreation page. Recreational classes range from fun things like belly dancing, to sweat-inducing spin classes, to self-care focused yoga — there’s something for everyone.

5. Participate in a club

Want to make some friends and join some interesting clubs? Once again, myCampusLife is your go-to for finding connections on campus. You could even start your own club filled with distinguished individuals looking to fill a gap in UFV’s campus.

6. Research for a professor

Want the experience of writing a thesis but during your undergraduate degree? Plenty of professors are conducting research outside of class, and you can be a part of it with a volunteer or paid position. There’s also the Office of Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies to back you up and help connect you with resources, partnerships, and hands-on graduate-level experience. Doing research during university is both challenging and rewarding, but at the end of the day it’ll be worth it: you’ll have a shiny new achievement on your resumé, and a foot in the door for graduate studies.

7. Land a co-op placement

Want to be a student but not actually be a student or maybe just extend your degree for a year and make money instead? Co-op is for you. Jokes aside, co-op is a great opportunity for those looking to gain relevant work experience in their field, get paid for it, and still gain credits as a student. The Centre for Experiential and Career Education hosts co-op intakes regularly on their website for those with the goal of getting a job in their degree once they graduate.

8. Get tutored at the Academic Success Centre (ASC)

In case you aren’t in the know, UFV has free tutoring available at the ASC both virtually and on campus. They operate from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday (and even have availability on Saturdays), and they offer support for a wide range of subjects and departments. If you’re looking to study with someone, get feedback on your writing, learn some tips for a specific class, or even practice your language skills, check out the ASC.

9. Get coffee at Fair Grounds

Do you ingest food and/or drink? Of course you do, so why not stop by the local coffee shop that calls the Student Union Building home on the Abbotsford campus. They boast being Fairtrade, eco-friendly, organic, and ethical, making it easy to choose local. They offer Doi Chaang coffee, brewed teas, bakery items, and to-go food options made in house. It’s essentially the UFV Starbucks to counteract the conglomerate that is Tim Hortons on the opposite side of campus. Your wallet’s going to hate me for this one, but they also sell seasonal drinks like Pumpkin Spice Lattés.

So, with these fun activities at your disposal, you’re bound to live your university life to its fullest!

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