First-of-its-Kind Research Collaboration Between Trent and Karbon Brewing Co.

By Trent University Modified on May 20, 2022
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Unique university-brewery collaboration to offer experiential learning opportunities for Trent students.

 First-of-its-Kind Research Collaboration Between Trent and Karbon Brewing Co.

A first-of-its-kind research collaboration in North America will see Trent University and Karbon Brewing Co. come together to research and develop green brewing technologies for a carbon-negative future, while also collaborating on curriculum development and offering students hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

“This unique research collaboration between a university and a brewery will see Trent and Karbon Brewing Co. driving discovery and innovation for brewing sciences,” said Dr. Cathy Bruce, vice president of Research & Innovation at Trent. “Brewing chemistry, water conservation, experiential learning, and curriculum development are all on the Trent-Karbon horizon. From the lab to the marketplace, we see a range of interdisciplinary collaborative opportunities with Karbon. Their approach to green and clean research and development is an excellent match with the expertise and spirit of Trent University.”

With a mission to brew better beer for a better world, Karbon Brewing Co. is set to become Canada’s first carbon-negative brewery by 2024. While the concept of carbon neutrality is still fairly new to the brewing industry (normally, the process of producing beer requires large amounts of natural resources and generates significant waste through packaging and consumption), the Karbon team hopes to change that through their original and environmentally sound approaches, and the partnership with Trent.

Leading the green revolution in brewing

“By collaborating with Trent University, we plan to lead the green revolution in brewing,” said Stephen Tyson, co-founder of Karbon Brewing Co. “Our goal is simple — we want to produce great beer with as little impact on the environment as possible. And we want to spur conversations around climate change. In Trent, we have found a like-minded partner that is passionate about developing innovative solutions to climate change.”

Through the milestone agreement, signed today at the University, Karbon Brewing Co. will be working closely with some of Trent’s leading researchers in fields such as regenerative agriculture, biology, water quality, chemistry, and biomaterials. Hands-on learning and research opportunities for students is also central to the agreement. Trent students will benefit from internship and placement opportunities through the agreement. Trent and Karbon Brewing Co. will also explore the development of new courses and certificate programs.

Advancing collaboration as a future Cleantech Commons tenant

Karbon Brewing Co. is also looking to deepen its ties with the University through Cleantech Commons, a partnership between Trent and the City of Peterborough set to become Canada’s premier green technology research and development site.

The company is exploring tenancy at the research park, which will strengthen their connection with Trent researchers and on-campus facilities, such as the Water Quality Centre, Trent Experimental Farm, and other world-class laboratories. Karbon’s vision is to build a 30,000-square-foot research facility at Cleantech Commons that will also feature a brewery and brewpub. The facility will follow the latest in environmental architecture and will follow passive house design principles, which will allow for energy efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint.

“The research partnership between Karbon Brewing and Trent University is a fantastic example of the Cleantech Commons vision to serve as a point of convergence between Trent University and a cluster of green technology innovators to accelerate the development, testing, piloting and scaling of a range of clean technology advancements,” says Martin Yuill, executive director of Cleantech Commons. “The new knowledge that will be generated and shared through this partnership will be invaluable to various clean technology sectors.”

Karbon Brewing Co. is already a member of the Cleantech Commons Cleantech Innovation Portal, an online network that connects cleantech innovators with commercial developers, city and municipal authorities, infrastructure and other investors and program funders to create opportunities for growth, scaling, funding, and commercial success.

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