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By Brescia University College Modified on April 25, 2022
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Brescia University College, Canada’s only women’s university, can help you lead your life with determination, empowerment, and success.

 Choose to Lead at Brescia University College

Do you want an education like no other? To be supported and encouraged every step of the way? Offered mentorship and guidance in your academic pursuits and personal development? If you answered yes to any of these questions, say yes to Brescia University College!

At Brescia, Canada’s only women’s university, you can expect a tight-knit community, well-rounded student experience, and academic excellence. Check out what else you can expect at Brescia.


Empowered: that's how Brescia will make you feel. From your first day on campus, you'll feel a groundswell of support. It won't come in the way of handholding — you don't need that — but it will come in the way you're asked: what do you think? What would you do? What are your dreams? How can I help? At Brescia, you'll discover and embrace your own brand of bold.

In 2020, most Canadian undergraduate students are women. Despite this growing number of women learners, it is often still unconventional to talk about women’s leadership or study how women learn. Brescia students see and experience women’s leadership every day, whether it’s our all-women Cabinet, our community mentors and partners, or our predominantly female faculty.

Generous scholarship programs

Brescia is proud to offer one of the most generous scholarship programs in Canada. As one of our founding principles, access to education is a core value of our institution. We want our students to benefit from a Brescia education, regardless of your personal financial situation, and are prepared to reward the hard work you put into your academics.

The scholarships listed below are automatic and guaranteed to students graduating from Canadian high schools based on final admission averages, as calculated by Brescia. Entrance scholarships are renewable in subsequent years if students maintain an 80% average on 5 courses taken concurrently in the September to April term while registered at Brescia.

Scholarship Name Number Awarded Academic Average Value
Board of Trustees Continuing Scholarship Three Offered to the top three students in the entering class Full academic tuition
President’s Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 95%+ $4,000
Academic Dean’s Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 92.0%-94.9% $3,500
Brescia Faculty Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 90.0%-91.9% $3,000
Brescia Entrance Scholarship for Academic Excellence Unlimited 85.0%-89.9% $2,500
Brescia Scholars Entrance Scholarship Unlimited 82.0%-84.9% $1,500

Check out our Admissions Scholarships and Awards page for further information on automatic awards, program-based awards, scholarships that require applications, and more!

Brescia Bold

Brescia Bold is a signature Brescia course that provides our students with an interdisciplinary study on living well, learning deeply, and leading to serve others. What is a good life? What does it mean to live your values? How do information literacy and digital ethics impact the way our world works? How can you be an agent of change in a complex world? These are the questions that you will explore first-hand, as you undergo this “bold” course and a comprehensive journey to self-discovery.

Hear from Brescia’s president, Dr. Lauretta Frederking, on how unique Brescia Bold is:

Through the Brescia Bold course, IDS 1200A/B, you will not only be challenged introspectively, but will also regularly practice the Brescia Competenciesimportant skills that will support your university learning as well as promote an understanding of how to live well — with authenticity and purpose.

A distinctive education. An empowering environment. Limitless opportunities to lead. A bold future. This is what awaits you at Brescia University College. Will you choose to lead?

Explore your future at Brescia

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