Find Guaranteed Paid Internships at Huron

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At Huron University College, we want to give all of our students the chance to earn money and gain job experience while learning.

 Find Guaranteed Paid Internships at Huron

Want to earn money and gain job experience while you learn? The best way to set yourself apart is by participating in an internship while you study. Internships have many benefits for students such as gaining essential skills, creating connections, and more!

At Huron University College, every single student is guaranteed a paid internship, no matter what program you’re in. This is an incredible opportunity that makes our school unique. Not only are you guaranteed a placement, but Career Development will also connect you with top ranking companies and life-changing opportunities, while helping you through every single step of the interview process.

Check out the four types of internships we offer at Huron:

1. Career internships

A career internship will allow you to earn an income and gain work experience in your field of study, either on- or off-campus. These internships are not eligible to use as a credit towards your degree. This is simply a great way get a foothold into a field you’re interested in and earn some cash while you learn.

2. Academic internships

An academic internship allows you to gain credit opportunities for your program. There are currently two types of academic internships:

Management and Organizational Studies (MOS) internships

MOS internships are full-time employment opportunities for 8-16 months that can occur anywhere across the world. MOS students in their third year apply to this program and complete two to four work terms. Because this internship is longer, it will extend your four-year degree to five years.

Interdisciplinary Studies internships

Interdisciplinary Studies internships are full-time employment for four months that can also occur anywhere around the world. Students work alongside their faculty supervisor to create a personalized course outline, while their on-site learning is monitored by an industry supervisor.

3. Undergraduate research internships

Undergraduate research internships are rare at most universities, but at Huron they are common practice! Huron’s Centre for Undergraduate Research Learning (CURL) was created to promote personalized student mentorship and research collaboration.

There are three main types of research internships:

CURL Student Research Fellowships

Do you have a community problem you’d like to help solve? An ethical dilemma you’d like to explore? An intriguing research idea you simply don’t have the means to pursue? CURL’s Student Research Fellowships support students’ research learning endeavours by providing $1,500 and 1-on-1 mentorship with a faculty member at Huron.

Some examples of projects include:

  • Research related to a leadership role in community events (e.g: exhibitions, workshops, conferences, etc.)
  • Creation and dissemination of materials for a specific, research-related cause (e.g: websites, brochures, information booklets)
  • Examining the efficacy and potential application of non-local policies, pedagogies, and programs locally (or vice versa)
  • Exploring a local or contemporary ethical issue through video interviews with affected persons
  • Expansion and publication of research-based coursework (e.g: expanding the scope of an essay, going into greater detail, and widening the audience by translating it and publishing it online). Please note that the school assignments themselves or other academic requirements are NOT eligible to receive CURL awards.
  • And more!

In the past, CURL fellows have worked on projects that explore the effects of multimedia and traditional study methods on language learning, as well as examine community and individual responses to Canada’s points-based immigration system.

Globalink Research Awards

This opportunity stems from Huron’s partnership with Mitacs, a company funding innovation and research. Senior undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows who are interested in travelling for 12-24 months to conduct research in an approved country are encouraged to apply for a $6,000 grant.

The Globalink Research Award will often have research themes and subthemes with the intention of being more inclusive of the social sciences/humanities and to encourage an interdisciplinary approach.

Research assistants

These are students who work directly for Huron faculty members. Research assistants experience first-hand what it’s like to be part of a research study.

Huron students complete thorough, professional research. That’s why Huron professors have developed paid, high-level research opportunities for our students, enabling them to co-author published papers, complete international fieldwork, and develop research skills like proposal writing and using qualitative analysis software.

4. Entrepreneurial internships

Entrepreneurial internships are offered in conjunction with London’s Small Business Centre. Interested students will prepare individual business plans in February and are expected to run their summer company from May to August.

Previous projects have included a summer basketball camp for youth, a digital marketing business, and a stationary business. So, the sky is the limit for your business idea!

Check out some more examples of previous summer businesses .

Take advantage of these many internship opportunities to boost your resumé and earn some money while studying.

Choose your internship at Huron

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