Preparing for Your Summer Job Hunt

Start building toward your future career by getting a great summer job!

Preparing for Your Summer Job Hunt

Searching for a summer job in your chosen field may feel like a difficult task, but starting early will save you a lot of time as your semester comes to an end.

It's time to get your notepads out and start your summer job hunt!

Start at the base — do your research

Every solid outcome begins with a good base. When planning ahead for your future career or starting the process to find that dream summer job, it's important to do your research beforehand.

Figuring out where to start begins with deciding what really piques your interest. Maybe you had a marketing class that you really enjoyed, and you want to look for a summer internship at a marketing firm. Maybe you really enjoy baking and want to find a summer job working at a local coffee shop.

It's crucial to figure out what you truly enjoy so that you can get the most out of your summer job experience, which in return will help prepare you in your future career.

Keyword searches on online job board platforms

Say it with us:



One of the best ways to really narrow down your summer job hunt is to try some keyword searches on job board platforms.

You might be surprised by how much you can filter out the jobs you don't want by targeting aspects of a job you would like to do.

Try out the Government of Canada's Job Bank to find thousands of open positions across the country. With the Job Bank, you can sort results based on your status in Canada:

Navigate your school's work placement opportunities

This one is something a lot of students overlook. It's an institution's main goal and mission to support students to succeed in their studies and prepare them for their future careers. Humber College provides various job opportunities within the school environment that make the work and school-life balance more convenient as a student and has the added benefit of being a great inclusion on a resumé after you graduate and set out on your career path.

Be sure to ask your school's career development office for help if you're looking for a summer job!

Visit Humber's Advising & Career Services site

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