How This AC Student is Changing the World of HR

By AC Online Modified on March 14, 2022
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Following her heart and working in HR: one student's journey to her dream job.

How This AC Student is Changing the World of HR

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, life as we knew it was changed forever — and for Algonquin College alumna, Nadisha Mendes, this was no exception.

Nadisha is the youngest of her three siblings. Born into a close-knit family, Nadisha especially looks up to her mother; a mover and shaker, unafraid of speaking her mind and standing up for what she believes in. It was this attitude that shaped her into who she is today.

Choosing to make a change

Before deciding to go back to school, Nadisha worked at an IT company. It was there that she recognized the importance of a strong HR department, "Working there I realized how important having a good HR team really is. Supporting and protecting both the company and its employees is a noble cause, and, although there were some hiccups during my time there, the experience really highlighted the difference I could make. I knew I wanted to make a change."

This fueled the fire in her heart as she decided to take matters into her own hands. Despite working from home full-time in the midst of a pandemic, she enrolled as a full-time student of the Human Resources Management program at Algonquin College.

Nadisha's AC Online experience

"In-person classes were not an option", said Nadisha, "I was living at home with my mom in Woodbridge, Ontario and I needed to prioritize work. I couldn't do that with in-person school, so AC Online helped me manage my classes."

Choosing to learn online can be a tough call to make but Nadisha explains why she chose AC Online, "Online classes allowed me to take more time for myself. I always thought school was meant to be done in person, but I was proven wrong because much of what I learned has stuck with me from my experiences online. Online classes or not, education is priceless and I'm grateful we have the option to learn online, especially when you need to continue working."

AC Online empowers students to create a course load that works with their schedules. This course model helped Nadisha craft the perfect work/life balance. "Managing my own schedule was extremely helpful as I needed to work. Once I was done with work for the day — I would turn on my laptop and get school started."

Finding success

Navigating an entirely virtual world can be challenging but communication is key. With the support and connection she received from her peers and instructors, she graduated not only with Honours, but with newfound confidence, "I wasn't the most confident in regards to in-person classes or tutorials, and it was hard for me to speak up in class. Having discussion boards helped me refine what I was trying to say and helped with my confidence when speaking with my peers. I was also very lucky to have instructors who gave me such wonderful feedback during my courses."

Pursuing a career she's interested and invested in is one of the best decisions Nadisha has made, one she urges everyone to pursue, "Do what you're passionate about. I love chatting, getting to know people and advocating for what's right so I turned it into a career move. Now, I'm making a change while doing what I love." Since graduating, Nadisha has been working in Talent Acquisition and recently got a new job opportunity that will allow her to be more involved in Human Resources.

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