Applying for Fall Admission 2024: Five Tips for the Right Fit

By King's University College Modified on September 29, 2023
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Choosing the right university for you is a big decision!

 Applying for Fall Admission 2024: Five Tips for the Right Fit

Choosing a post-secondary institution can be a difficult decision. With many different options, various programs to choose from, and different cities to explore, it can feel overwhelming. With application deadlines around the corner, here are five tips to help you choose the right institution for you:

1. Research the program(s) that you're interested in

The first thing you'll want to do is narrow down your search. You can do this by cutting schools from your list that don't have the program you're looking for. If you're not sure what program you're interested in, looking at potential schools' program pages online may be helpful to you.

King's University College, along with many other institutions, offers a general first year, which allows students to take various courses in a variety of programs to help you determine your interests going into year two. You may also find it helpful to chat with your high school guidance office or a recruitment officer from the institution you're looking at to find out what programs may be best suited to your interests.

2. Find an institution that caters to your learning style

Next, you’ll want to find a school that matches your learning style. Do you learn better with hands-on learning? With discussion-based lectures? In small class sizes? Consider the factors that have helped you in the past, and think about how many are available to you at the institutions you're researching. This will be a big factor in feeling like you've got the right fit.

Universities vary in their class sizes, available resources, and their teaching methods, so it's important to determine what you value most in your education when it comes to learning methods to narrow down your search.

3. Explore the campus and its resources

Most institutions offer various academic and personal supports, like counselling, group exercise classes, wellness groups, and so on. Make sure you investigate campus life, residence options, athletic teams, or groups you may be interested in, as well as internships, co-ops, extra-curricular activities, scholarships... The list goes on!

The campus you choose should feel like a home away from home. You should feel welcomed and supported at the institution you choose. Most schools will have a virtual map of campus/amenities or even a virtual tour to check out online!

4. Speak to current students, staff, and faculty

Many universities offer the opportunity to speak to current students, staff, and faculty directly or through virtual events hosted by the institution. This is a great way to ask any questions you may have, learn about programs and resources, and hear current students' experiences.

Unibuddy is platform that connects you with current students, where you can ask questions and get to know the student life before you even arrive! Try it out on the Unibuddy website.

5. Look into the finances

Entering university can pose a concern for your finances. King's University College, along with many other institutions, wants to ensure that finances aren't a barrier to your post-secondary education. There are many resources available to help support students financially, including scholarships, bursaries, employment opportunities, and government funding.

Scholarships vary, and can be awarded based on high school grades, community involvement, programs of interest, first generation university students, and many more. There are also scholarships and bursaries offered through external applications, such as ScholarshipsCanada or Student Awards. If you have any questions or concerns regarding finances, do not hesitate to reach out to the finance office of the post-secondary school of your choice for assistance.

We wish you all the best in your educational endeavours, and hope to see you here at King's in the Fall!

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