A Well-Rounded Degree Sets You Up for the Future

By Redeemer University Modified on September 29, 2021
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Why a Christian liberal arts degree changes everything. Starting with you!


Doctors can care for patients holistically when they have engaged literature, politics and history. Business owners can be a force for social good when they have encountered natural sciences or international development. And writers communicate effectively when they’ve wrestled with philosophical and socio-economic concepts within culture. These are just a few examples of how a well-rounded education can prepare students for a rapidly changing world and workforce with complex challenges.

Christian liberal arts and sciences education

Redeemer University’s Christian liberal arts and sciences education roots students in a Reformed biblical worldview and brings to life how everything holds together in Christ. As students study deeply within their major, Redeemer’s core curriculum - a series of 10 interdisciplinary courses that all students take - encourages them to think broadly and critically about the topics and information they are encountering. These forays beyond specialization enable students to be versatile, see other perspectives, and to collaborate and work in teams.

“You’re not just streamed as quickly as possible into your discipline, which will be functional for you in life, but the core’s focus on interdisciplinarity helps students appreciate the unity within different bodies of knowledge,” he says.

Dr. Doug Sikkema, a professor of core studies says, “Even if you’re going to study biochemistry at a niche level, which is great, it’s good to think about how aesthetics, philosophy and theology interrogate reality and might give form and direction to your work as biochemist one day.”

What alumni are saying

Take alumni James Cuthbert ‘09 as an example. He owns and operates Urban Green - a company that creates indoor gardens and green spaces in offices and homes across southern Ontario. James declared an honours kinesiology major and double minors in business and religion. “I remember meeting with the registrar to plan my degree and courses…I don’t think he had ever had someone choose this type of study path!” For James, it was the core courses at Redeemer that led him here.

His advice for current or future students is to advocate for the type of posture he has learned to live by through the years—with hands wide open. “It’s easy to get frustrated and think that God isn’t letting your dreams come true. But try to be open to seeing new opportunities ahead of you. If I didn’t take a chance at Redeemer and try something outside of my initial life plan, I wouldn’t have owned my own business and would be in a much different spot today.”

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