Top 5 Reasons to Join a University Club or Society

By Study and Go Abroad Modified on September 17, 2021
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Make the most of your 2021/2022 academic year.


The beginning of the school year is a great time to check out all the student clubs and associations that your university/college is offering. Most universities offer a whole range of clubs and societies in many different areas from sports to arts, to volunteering. Here are a few key reasons why you should get involved …

1. Spend time pursuing a hobby you are passionate about

Whether it’s practising a sport, beekeeping or yoga, join a society that promotes a cause that you really care about. It’s a great way to find your ‘tribe’ of likeminded people who care about the same things that you do.

2. De-stress from your studies

Pursuing an interest in a club or association will take your mind off the stress of your studies and you’ll find that you can return to your studies with a clearer mind.

3. Boost your resume and increase your marketability when you look for jobs

Employers love to see candidates who are ‘well rounded’ and have interests outside of their area of studies. In a competitive job market, anything that sets you apart from other applicants is a plus. Well-rounded individuals are thought to be better equipped to take on the world and succeed in life.

4. Gain real-life skills and personal development

Getting involved in a club or society can help you to gain and hone your soft skills. Being involved in a student organization often offers opportunities to develop teamwork, leadership, communication, and organizational skills. Along the way, you’ll find out more about yourself, and your experiences may even influence your future career decisions.

5. Develop friendships and professional networking opportunities

Engaging in a student organization allows you to meet a diverse group of students from different backgrounds and study areas. This will broaden your perspectives and allow you to make a new set of friends.

6. Give back to your student community, and to the wider community outside of your university

Many student clubs/organizations provide opportunities to give back to the community, through volunteering or fundraising.

7. Have fun!

Taking part in extra-curricular activites will enhance your university experience, and give you the opportunity to gain skills, make connections, broaden your horizons, and become a more well-rounded individual.

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