Top 5 Tips: How to Choose Between Offers

By Carleton University Modified on April 14, 2021
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If you have more than one offer of admission, how do you decide which one to accept?

If you have more than one offer of admission, how do you decide which one to accept?

I have a few offers of admission, how do I choose between them?

First of all, that's amazing! Hopefully you are enjoying this exciting time. The anxieties that come with big life changes are normal, and can be alleviated by getting the information you need, and being prepared.

Start by imagining yourself at university, living on campus, in class. What do you want your life to look like? What's important to you?

1. Check out the campus

It's important to get a feel for the place — can you actually imagine yourself living there, going to class, socializing? Do you like the buzz of downtown city buildings, or the quiet green spaces of a self-contained campus? Most universities offer virtual tours — check out Carleton's self-guided tours or you can choose a live tour guide.

2. Explore your new city

You already chose universities in locations that suit your needs, but now is a great time to explore a little deeper, and find out about the cuisine and cultural activities available to you. How close is your chosen school to the resources and activities most important to you?

Carleton University students benefit from Ottawa's diversity: music festivals, museums and art galleries, winter festivals, four stunning seasons, canals, rivers with green spaces and biking and hiking trails. Students can also find truly global communities and cuisine in Canada's capital.

3. See what students are saying

Check student satisfaction rankings (Carleton is in the Top 3 for Student Satisfaction), but also be sure to connect with current students! Students already attending from your region, or studying in your program of choice can give you an insider perspective, and are full of tips and great advice.

4. Dive deeper into support services available for students

How can the university help you achieve your goals, both personal and academic? What is in place to help you succeed? Carleton, for example, has offices that offer general academic help, as well as degree-specific academic help and advice, peer support.

Whole teams are ready to aid you with your career plan, jobs, work-study placements and social and volunteer activities. There is support for students with disabilities, health and counselling, and an office that caters to the specific needs of international students.

5. Attend activities that are tailored for you

You can speed through this checklist by attending university events to get the information you're looking for. For the student perspective, a guided virtual tour and to learn about students services and student life at Carleton, see on-demand videos from Carleton University's Student Life Preview, and more!

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