Which Residence Style Suits You Best?

By Western University Modified on March 29, 2021
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Western University students share their thoughts on what living in residence was like for them.

Western University students share their thoughts on what living in residence was like for them.

This article was written by fourth-year Western University Faculty of Information & Media Studies student Erica Young.

Before moving into residence, I had never moved in my life! I was really looking forward to meeting so many new people. But when it came down to ranking the buildings, I was confused about which style of residence would be best for me. Western University has seven buildings, and three styles of residence buildings for first year students — traditional, suite, and hybrid.

I asked myself a bunch of questions: Would I like my own room or bathroom? Would I want a kitchen and living space? Would I want a more traditional experience? After first year, I realized every residence style has perks, and the experience is different for everyone. So, what is residence like? Here are some quotes from students who lived in residence at Western University.

Traditional style

Traditional-style residences are known for making the closest connections, where your floormates become like your family.

"I enjoyed Med-Syd a lot! Having a traditional-style residence felt more social because people left their doors open and you always had people to hang out with. It was easy to get to know people and meet up in the dining hall and other common areas."
-Mina, Medway-Sydenham Hall

"I loved traditional-style! Everyone shared the same mindset: meet as many people as possible. The shared bathrooms weren't scary or annoying like I thought they might be. Delaware has such a strong community and the Sophs (upper-year mentors) make you feel welcome! I didn't know my roommate before we moved in, but we instantly bonded and became friends."
-Bri, Delaware Hall

Suite style

Geared toward more independent living, in you'll look after more of your own domestic responsibilities, including the option to cook some of your own meals in a shared kitchen.

"I liked the privacy of having my own room and sharing a washroom with only one other person. I also loved the comfort of having a living room and the opportunity to make my own snacks and meals in the kitchen."
-Brett, Essex Hall

"The best part of Essex was the flexibility and choice. Suite-style gave me the option to be social with my roommates out in the living room, or have some much-needed privacy in my own room. Same goes for meals with the option of using my meal plan in the dining hall, or cooking for myself in the kitchen."
-Adam, Essex Hall

Hybrid style

This style boasts the best of both worlds! You'll have a roommate living in the same room as you, but you'll have more privacy in this semi-private style.

"It was really nice having my own space, but also being able to go outside of my room and interact with everyone. Our floor had a strong sense of community! I loved Ontario Hall because everything was modern, it's the newest residence building. And the dining hall food was delicious."
-Josh, Ontario Hall

As for my own experience, I spent eight months living in Ontario Hall, a hybrid style building), and I loved every moment. It was nice having both a roommate and suitemates while also having my own space and privacy. I loved having a bathroom and sink area that I shared with just three other girls. People on my floor often left their doors open, which made the space inviting and easy to make friends.

Whichever residence building you're placed in, it's sure to be an incredible experience!

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