The Benefits of Living on Campus

By University of Regina Modified on July 08, 2020
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A student's perspective on why living on campus is a great choice.

University of Regina students enjoy the on-campus life!

Living on campus for the first two years of my university career was definitely one of my best decisions as a student. There are so many benefits to living on campus!

Stay close to the action

One of my favourite things, and I'm sure this comes as no surprise, was being able to sleep in that extra "five more minutes" in the mornings, guilt free, knowing that class was only a short walk away. Having no commute was also a huge bonus in the cold winter months not having to worry about bundling up or stressing about your car not starting, especially because the U of R buildings are all connected so you can avoid the chilly winter.

Living on campus also means its only a short walk to the library for studying or home in between classes, which is very handy by the way if you forget an assignment!

Food and furniture

Another convenience is that you don't have to worry about buying or moving in any big furniture because your room comes with all the essentials. For example, the U of R has lots of rooms that even have kitchens if you want it so you have the option of cooking for yourself. However, eating at any of the food services on campus if you don't feel like making your own food is also convenient!

Socialize in safety

I've always felt safe and in good hands while living on campus. The Residence Life team here is available 24/7 for anything from lockouts, roommate issues, noise complaints, maintenance or even just as another friendly and familiar face in the building.

Aside from the convenience, the social aspect of living on campus is the best! If you come to university knowing people or totally alone, you are bound to meet so many great people. Even if you're not one to put yourself out there, there is always events put on by staff to help you feel included and part of the housing community. I've met so many great people and lifelong friends here, and the coolest part is that they're not only your friends but your neighbours and classmates too! With all of these amazing benefits, I promise you won't regret living on campus!

By Ashlyn Kirk
Community Assistant working in Housing Services

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