Seeking Support for Your Health, Academics, and Career During the Pandemic

By University of Waterloo Modified on April 02, 2020

An abundance of resources is available to students in the era of COVID-19.

Campus academic and career supports at University of Waterloo.

With an uncertain future, thinking about university may be a little overwhelming. After all, it can be a pretty big transition. Once you're at university, there are lots of people and services to help you succeed and to get the most from your education.

Academic and career supports

As a first-year student, a lot of things will be new but having the right mentorship and support in place is the key to success. Academic advisors are a go-to when it comes to questions about your courses, grades, and all things academic! They'll help you plan your degree and make sure you're on the path to success. Think of them like a guidance counsellor!

Many universities have resources such as Waterloo's Student Success Office to help you prepare for university and succeed once you're at university. Benefit from peer success workshops, study skills workshops, resources for international students, and much more!

Career centres, a great resource when it comes to questions about life after university, can help with resumé and cover letter writing, job searches, volunteer opportunities, and career planning. At Waterloo, you can even book one-on-one appointments to go over anything you'd like or to practise your interview skills.

Healthy in both body and mind

Student medical clinics often provide tons of free resources, such as access to health care professionals — all you need to do is book an appointment! Mental health awareness is an important topic and the resources supporting it are growing alongside it. Many universities provide free counselling services, workshops, and de-stressing activities to help you.

One awesome (and adorable!) example of a de-stressing activity: Waterloo brings in therapy dogs for students to visit and play with! Other activities include arts and crafts, watching movies, or playing games.

On-campus housing supports

Choosing to live on campus comes with the additional benefit of having an upper-year student in residence (often called a don) who can help ease you into the university transition. They can also guide you to the right resources and also provide their own input and feedback!

Waterloo also has Living-Learning Communities to help you feel at home and meet students with similar interests in your faculty. Not only will you have easy access to tutoring and mentorship, you'll also get to participate in fun events with the rest of the community!

Advocating for you!

Committed to making sure your voice is heard, student governments advocate for many student needs, such as health and wellness, diversity and equity, affordable education, housing and tenant rights, campus safety, quality of education, transportation, accessibility, and freedom of speech.

Many student unions also provide resources including peer support, inclusivity services, and food banks. They also run activities such as orientation and support clubs on campus.

With all that in mind, know that you're not alone! There are many resources at university to help you and make sure you're ready to thrive and be your best self. For information on what resources Waterloo offers, be sure to visit our student services page.

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