SchoolFinder Launches Newest Section: Company Profiles

By SchoolFinder Group Modified on January 17, 2020

Another great resource to help you find the right career has come to SchoolFinder!

Fireworks, celebrating the launch of the latest section on Company profiles.

Company Profiles: the Latest Feature on SchoolFinder

In our ongoing attempt to help students like you — from your school applications to finding your first career — SchoolFinder has launched our newest section: company profiles!

Each profiled company has an interest in hiring students and new grads, from across the spectrum and across the country.

Company profiles will tell you about the company, its job openings, and the scholarships they have on offer. You'll find the latest news and articles relevant to you, so you'll always be up to date, and you'll be able to quickly connect on social media to get in touch directly.

A screenshot of the new SchoolFinder Company profile page.

There's Much More to Come!

We hope this new feature will be a valuable tool as you develop your career path, in school and beyond. We're excited to continue building the company profiles, connecting career paths with job openings and fields of study to make career planning easier than ever.

Is there a feature you'd like to see in the future? How best can we help you find the right career? Let us know! And check back soon for the latest updates to the SchoolFinder company profiles.

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