Welcome to Post-Secondary. We've Got Your Back!

Some words of advice to ease the transition into post-secondary and beyond.

The Humber College mascot, the Humber Hawk, stirs up the crowd at a game.

By Luxshana Sivareswaran, Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Welcome! You've made it! Although the 'real world' can sometimes be tough, #adulting is even harder to do alone. So, I am hoping that a few insights I've gained as a Public Relations degree student at Humber can help.

Navigating the pressures and responsibilities of post-secondary and young adulthood can be nerve-wracking. Sure, it doesn't quite go away, but through the lessons I've learned as a student, I've somehow managed to be only a year away from being a college graduate. So, it does get easier!

Here are my tips on making a smooth transition from high school to post-secondary.

1. Power in Numbers

A proverb that I heard once says, "if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." It resonated with me deeply. You will make some of your first industry connections in your post-secondary program. Befriend them! These people will also be in your study groups, your go-to people for group projects, and a resource for any notes you missed during class!

At Humber, the First-Year-Experience program guides your transition into your program. Here, you will be paired with a mentor — an upper-year student who can help you find your classes, answer any questions about campus life and tell you where to find things like a nurse, the cafeteria and the sleep lounge. (Yes, they have a sleep lounge.)

2. Ask for Help

There truly is no shame in asking for help and raising questions as you go along.

In my time at Humber, one of my biggest takeaways was to ask questions and get help when needed. Whichever school you choose, there are an abundance of resources waiting for you. Humber offers peer tutoring for math and writing to help you with any additional support you need outside of the classroom. You'll also come to find quickly that your professors are all experienced professionals who want you to succeed and are willing to help.

3. You Got This!

Don't sell yourself short! You've come a long way and can only go further. As you go along, you'll come to realize that many people won't believe in you if you don't believe in yourself.

Look back every now and then and take a lesson from what you have done and accomplished. Celebrate your wins, cut your losses, and look forward. Humber has an incredible team of counsellors and advisors to help you navigate through your program and prepare you for the workforce of your choice. Expect one-on-one support for resumés and interview preparation, to help you snag your next gig.

The next few years can truly set you up for the trajectory of the rest of your life. Be brave, be bold, and believe that you have it in you to live up to your potential. Practice those skills that you've always wanted to improve, and aim to be someone who will make a strong addition to any team.

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