2020 Maclean's University Rankings: Medical and Doctoral Schools

By Scholarships Canada Modified on October 04, 2019

Maclean's magazine ranks Canada's best medical and doctoral schools for 2020.

Students study in a Canadian medical school found through the 2020 Maclean's Medical and Doctoral School University rankings.

McGill University rode high in the Maclean's medical and doctoral rankings for 12 straight years, until in 2019, the University of Toronto caught up to force a tie. Now, McGill is back on top at #1, and UofT's back to #2.

Maclean's rankings in the medical field are based on the school's reputation and measures of student satisfaction. All these schools offer medical schools, of course, and a wide range of PhD programs and research. Check out the rankings for 2020:

School Overall Ranking Rank Last Year
McGill University 1 [1*]
University of Toronto 2 [1*]
University of British Columbia 3 [3]
McMaster University 4 [4]
University of Alberta 5* [6]
Queen's University 5* [5]
Western University 7 [8]
Dalhousie University 8 [7]
University of Calgary 9 [11*]
Universit? de Montr?al 10 [10]
University of Ottawa 11 [9]
Universit? Laval 12 [11*]
Universit? de Sherbrooke 13 [13]
University of Manitoba 14 [14*]
University of Saskatchewan 15 [14*]

An * indicates a tie.

To learn more about the complete rankings, click here.

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