5 Tips on Choosing the School for You

By Redeemer University College Modified on October 29, 2019

Trying to narrow down your choices early? Here's some advice to help!

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Going to university is a big decision! What are the factors to consider, and the ways to find out the answers? We hope the tips below will help you in navigating your path forward.

1. Programs and values

Perhaps you already have a program in mind, or you are still deciding among many. Check out which universities offer your programs of interest and look at factors such as distance from home, cost, financial aid, community and future study or career plans. Job outcomes are crucial but look even further in how university studies can expand your view of the world and how community culture can influence your characters. We would also suggest to take into consideration the history, beliefs and values of the universities. Take stock of your own gifts and abilities and evaluate how your program and school would shape and prepare you for your calling in life!

2. Ask questions

It can be intimidating when a university calls you and asks if you have any questions, but make sure you jump on that opportunity while it is there! You want to figure out the university that best fits what you need, and you can get personalized advice from admissions counsellors who can help you through the thinking and admission process. So jot down a list of questions you have just in case a university calls, or be proactive and send an email to the Admissions department!

3. Visit campus

Internet research is a great starter! But for a place that you will be staying for the next 3-5 years, a trip to the campus might give you the best idea! Talk to current students and ask them what they love about the school and why they chose it. Walk around the halls and envision yourself as a student there - are these the people, atmosphere and classes you want to be a part of in the next couple of years?

4. Sit in on a university lecture

While you're on campus, see if you can check out one of the classes! As you decide which major or university to select, why not experience it directly by joining a lecture? Not sure what you're interested in? Go check out a few classes in different programs, chances are the school you're looking at has a ton of different options and you may be able to meet with a professor or two as well!

5. Apply early

Even if you don't have every school narrowed down, you can still apply early. While it may seem pointless to apply early, some universities have incentives if you do! At Redeemer, applying before January 30 saves you the $40 application fee. And if you submit a complete application with all materials before December 15, you also get a $250 textbook credit to the Redeemer bookstore upon enrollment! For big programs you might be put on a waitlist, so it is always to your benefit if your application comes in early, giving yourself lots of time to decide with a settled mind and prepare for your first year of study!

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