8 Reasons You Should Consider Online High School Courses

By Blyth Academy Modified on August 06, 2019

Like to learn at your own pace, in your own space? Online courses may be for you!

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Online education has many benefits. If you like to learn at your own pace and in your own space, or you're looking for flexibility in your high school schedule, completing courses online might be just what you need.

Here are eight great reasons you should consider online high school courses.

Give Yourself a Spare

Don't think of taking an online course as just a way to catch up — consider it a way to get ahead! For instance, Blyth Academy often sees students who have just finished Grade 10 taking their Grade 11 English credit over the summer. Doing so helps those students free up a spare period in the fall for an extra elective, study time, volunteer hours or extracurricular activities.

Stand Out from the Crowd

The average Ontario high school student receives their diploma with 30 credits — imagine how a transcript packed with 36 credits earned over the same timespan looks to an admissions officer! Taking summer school courses can make you look like the over-achiever you are!

Find Your Passion

Not quite sure what field of study you want to pursue after high school? Take an online course in a subject you're interested in, but aren't 100% sure about for a future career. Giving attention to one subject can lead to exploration of new ideas. In turn, you may find a new passion!

Pace Yourself

Whether you know you need a bit more time to grasp concepts in a certain subject, or you can fly through them compared to your classmates, online courses allow you to move at your own pace. You can digest material as slowly or quickly as your heart (and brain) desires. With asynchronous learning, Blyth Academy Online courses allow you to log in whenever you like, for however long you like, and you have up to a year to complete one course.

Geek Out

With the first high school credit for Artificial Intelligence in Canada, Blyth Academy Online makes this exciting new field more accessible to students in Canada and around the world. We also offer electives in Blockchain Technology, Data Science, and Interactive New Media and Animation, giving you the opportunity to be at the forefront of emerging subject areas.

Broaden Your Horizons

Many high schools offer a set number of elective courses, and in smaller schools or communities, these options can be quite limited. With over 130 courses, Blyth Academy Online provides a wide array of elective courses, in subjects you may have thought you'd have to wait for university to explore.

Room for Improvement

We all know the post-secondary admissions process has gotten super competitive – especially in Ontario! Maybe you aced all your classes, but you're really looking to make your mark. Sometimes bringing that grade up from a 90 to a 95 is the extra edge you need to impress the admissions officials at your top school!


Have you started a post-secondary program that you're not loving and looking to make a change? Are you missing pre-requisite courses to make the shift? Online courses allow you to take the necessary classes to meet the admissions requirements of any post-secondary program you are considering.

Complete Your Diploma

If you're a mature student who stepped away from studies and are now looking to complete your high school diploma, online courses allow you ease back into learning on your schedule. If you have to juggle the demands of work, a family, etc., our asynchronous platform puts you in control of your study schedule.

To register for a Blyth Academy Online course, visit blythacademy.ca/online.

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